10 Responses

  1. You fight Islam-it is not a religion. It is not peaceful. Educate yourself! https://youtu.be/ms9NrdiJHRA

  2. Although it would be an incredibly ugly sight, persons wearing muzzie clothing capable of concealing stolen items need to be strip searched where and when an individual is suspected. And if guilty, follow their laws and cut off their hands.

  3. The thieving Muslim women don’t know we have modern cameras over here that catch them stealing? By their own laws, their hands should be chopped off. So yes, let’s have Sharia creep in on this situation and get some of that old time Muslim justice going. From what I understand, they should be dragged into the street on the spot and then it’s Off With Their Hands!

  4. amen !!!

  5. When I was managing, for a major retail department store, back in the 90’s, muslim women would come in (in July and August), with their “baby” in a stroller, all covered up with “heavy blankets”! Luckily, I had a couple of “sharp” security people; at the door, as the “folks” were leaving, my guys would say “Oh, let me see your cute baby” and LIFT THE BLANKET and, “voila”!! We did not have any major losses! One of my department managers spied a teenager wearing/smuggling a “new bra” (with the tags) under her shirt- -called her on it, called the parents and police. This youngster was so “mortified”, I doubt she ever tried it again.

  6. Why does America even put up with these Islam muslims? These people will not assimilate so they cannot be in America. Americans do not want these uneducated lying ,thieving perverts in our America!

    • They are HERE because we have a muslim-sympathizer in the WH who wants to ‘fundamentally change’ America.
      Go search the word FUNDAMENTALLY. He promised he would do that, and he is going full-steam ahead on that goal.
      For those of us who still like the way this country USED to be….HE IS THE ENEMY.

  7. This is why the Islamic clothing needs fully banned in America and if they don’t like that then all muzzies should be banned from America.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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