Sweden: Rape jihad spreading as police struggle with Muslim migrant crime

Coming to your town soon. via: Sweden sex attacks spreading as police struggle with migrant crime | World | News | Daily Express

SHOCKING sex attacks have swept across Sweden with the number of young girls and boys being raped rocketing as police struggle with migrant crime.

This map shows the vile attacks happening across the country with many gang rapes, sex attacks in schools and assaults on children and adults blamed on refugees and migrants.Express.co.uk can reveal details of nearly 20 horrifying incidents which took place in January alone.The incidents involve young boys and girls, as well as adults being held down, groped, flashed, raped and claimed as a migrant’s property.

Many more shocking attacks throughout last year can also be revealed.

The country’s police force admitted it is struggling to deal with the sheer number of incidents being reported, as well as the strain refugees centres are putting on officers.

Officers have dedicated huge resources to tackle the Moroccan migrants in the country in 2016 as girls reported being sexually assaulted by them on a regular basis.

And communities across Sweden have been rocked by a new wave of violence seeing women also brutally attacked.On January 25 Alexandra Mezher, 22, was stabbed to death in a children’s refugee centre in Mölndal, just 30 minutes before she was due to finish her shift.The raging violence and attacks come as more than 130 women reported being sexually assaulted and raped in New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany.

Migrants were also blamed and arrested as suspects.

Both Germany and Sweden have become overwhelmed with migrants after announcing they would accept all refugees.

It has led to high tensions between pro and anti-migrant citizens, with riots erupting in city centres.

As this map shows, these grave incidents are taking place across Sweden amidst their migrant crisis.

January 2016


On New Year’s Eve ‘several’ girls sought police protection from men after stating they had sexually harassed them.

Kalmar Larmtorget 

Women attacked on New Year’s Eve and according to reports migrant men stood guard while women were assaulted.


Also on New Year’s Eve a woman filmed herself being attacked by migrants who were trying to ‘buy’ her and in Malmö gangs of migrant youths preyed on drunk women.


Four young migrants allegedly sexually assaulted a woman on a bus, refusing to let her past.


Multiple reports of girls being attacked in swimming pools.


Many girls who reported being attacked in Swedish bath houses have begun calling for tightened security measures.


Pools have been segregated for men and women after girls as young as 11 were attacked.

Woman reported being raped.


Several girls were allegedly sexually assaulted and held against their will on the dance floor at a nightclub.

Police in the area claim some migrants waited for women to leave clubs to assault them.

VästeråsA ten-year-old boy was raped in a migrant centre sparking a police investigation into separate attacks in December and January.Revingehed  

Migrants allegedly sexually harassed a mother, who was with her children at the time.

They kissed her on the neck before she managed to run home.


Both a mother and daughter reported being sexually assaulted at a swimming pool on January 22 2016.

The 11-year-old girl was groped between her legs by a “middle eastern” man.


Two 11-year-old girls reported being attacked by about eight refugee men aged 18 to 20 at a bathhouse.

The men held the girls down and groped them between the legs and felt their chests.


A man was arrested on suspicion of rape at Västanviks Folkhögskola.


One girl was sexually assaulted by a man speaking a language “she did not understand”.


A woman was allegedly exposed to a migrant who started masturbating in front of her outside a school.

The same man had been kicked out of the school earlier in the day.

Järfälla A young girl reported a man masturbating in front of her before heading to a swimming pool. Police are investigating.Simrishamn 

Girls reported being assaulted in a school.


Police were called to a migrant centre to reports of a man raping and assaulting his wife. He allegedly told them she was “his woman”.


A man allegedly pulled a woman down a side road and tried to kiss her and police have confirmed many similar reports in the area.



Algerian teenager allegedly stabbed a girl in the face after she refused to sleep with him.

Three African immigrants also gang raped a woman in her 20s for several hours.

Alvestad African boy was suspected of raping a girl in school.Allegedly the school’s headmaster said: “Boys will be boys.”


Six migrants were jailed for gang raping a woman.


Girls were seen crying at a music festival after allegedly being surrounded and harassed by migrants.


One woman was raped by two men, according to reports.


Ten migrants reportedly held down and sexually attacked a 10-year-old. She told police she was so afraid she wanted to die.

Another girl alleged that she was hit by migrant men when she tried to protect her friend from being sexually assaulted.

Two seven-year-old girls were allegedly harassed by men from Angola, kissing one and throwing a plank at her, but the case was dismissed as there were no third party witnesses.


Several girls were allegedly held down while being groped by a group of migrants.


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12 thoughts on “Sweden: Rape jihad spreading as police struggle with Muslim migrant crime

  1. possibly these cretins should be sterilized BEFORE they can live in Sweden and other countries that are being inundated with brainwashed people who live unnormal lives based on stupidity of islam ideology. does covering the women help the arabs not commit adultery; speaks badly of the arab men who seem unable to control their animal urges.

  2. They should of never ever allowed any of the refugees into the country to begin with. Now that they are there pulling their B.S. when caught the Police should just put them down right then and there and that way they can not harm anyone else.

      • American, I assume?

        Regardless, Swiss men are mostly found in Switzerland. Swedish men…well, they used to be found here, but we mostly have Swedish hens these days. (“hen” is a new Swedish gender neutral pronoun, used by the cultural marxists and femenazis).

  3. Have Swedish men be so neutered that they can’t stand up to defend their own women and boys? The police can’t and won’t cope, so the only other option to protect their families is to strike back. All it will take is some of these rapists to be dealt with in a way that they will never forget, and the epidemic will stop. These primates have been raised believing that Westerners are weak and inferior to Muslims while their women are legitimate sexual chattel. Rather than prove them right by doing nothing, they need to be disabused of these two notions by encountering brutal force since it is the only language they truly understand.

    • “Have Swedish men be so neutered that they can’t stand up to defend their own women and boys? ”


      There are a few of us left still, but I am not willing to sacrifice myself for a people that wants to commit collective suicide. The women mainly vote for the worst traitors we have, and they seem to want more muslims in the country, so I am only willing to protect myself, my property, my family and my friends. The rest of this pathetic people can enjoy the society they have created (I haven’t voted or supported the traitors a single time in my life, I saw this coming over 25 years ago).

      Also, we don’t just have the politicians and media against us, even the courts (although the Swedish system means that every sentence prior to the Supreme court is a political one, as politicians are the ones ruling until then…yes, it’s that f*cked up).

      An example (of many) of how the Swedish courts work: a Swedish man (a real one), saw a drug addict trying to strangle a woman. The Swedish man decided to help, so he used a tire iron to hit the offender. The offender kept strangling, so the man hit him again. The offender went down, the woman was saved, they called the police. As it was Sweden, the politicians in the court ruled that the man should have waited longer between the two blows (to see if the drug addict would go down after a while, while strangling the lady), so they sentenced the man to a year in prison. The drug addict got no punishment at all, of course (ref: http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article12087766.ab, the absolute worst cultural marxist propaganda outlet in Sweden btw).

      Then we have tens of thousands of rapes every year etc, commited by the MENA-invasion forces, that are never solved and usually are never even investigated.

      Western Europe/US/Canada will fall. Australia will probably fall as well. Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland…that’s where the future of our race lies.

  4. Tough to feel sorry for the f’d up Euro countries…..hell….I have no sympathy for any American Democrat raped by an illegal or a terrorist.

  5. If this was our women and children we would use our 2nd amendment to clean the scum out are there no men in Sweden ? dont think so islam can not live in a modern society they are animals thousands of inbreeding does this google it see for yourself. Make America great again

  6. If you are Swedish what do you have to be proud of? A country and people so obsessed with being left wing you cannot see what your liberalism is doing to you. These muslim immigrants are not grateful to you they are laughing at you, while actively and openely destroying your system and society. These young Swedish left wingers who wear hoodies, balaclavas and masks will be wearing them in the future, not to attack so called right wing people but to hide the fact that they are white so as not to be lashed, locked up or worse. We are seeing a race killing themselves, it’s like turkeys voting for Christmas.

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