Univ of Iowa converting offices into gender-segregated mosques for Muslim Brotherhood students (UPDATED)

As we noted previously, the Islamic call to prayer can already be heard in Arabic on the University of Iowa campus.

Source: UI creating prayer rooms primarily for Muslim students h/t Bare Naked Islam

The University of Iowa is re-configuring two former offices in the Iowa Memorial Union to serve as full-time prayer spaces that primarily will serve the university’s Muslim faculty, staff and students.

The decision, made late last year, comes in response to a long-standing request from the university’s Muslim Student Association to offer a centrally located space in which the growing number of Muslims on campus can complete their daily religious obligations.

“The necessity had been well established for a while,” said Tom Rocklin, UI’s vice president for student life. “It was more a question of when the opportunity to do something came up.”

Motier Haskins, faculty adviser for UI’s Muslim Student Association, described the two new prayer rooms — located in Rooms 206 and 208 of the IMU — as a “step in the right direction.”

“(They are) two small but newly carpeted and painted rooms, one for men and one for women located, centrally in the IMU with 24/7 access,” he said.

Each of the rooms provides space for between 15 and 20 people assembling for joint prayer, said Mohammed Ismail, a biochemistry major and event coordinator for the UI Muslim Student Association.

“We’ve very happy what they gave us,” Ismail said. “It’s a big place for the moment, but we may see a need for a bigger room in the future.”

Haskins, a UI clinical associate professor of social work, has tried to find a more permanent prayer site for UI’s Muslim population since he came to the university in 2007. Around that time, UI administrators made Danforth Chapel available for daily prayers, which Haskins said initially seemed an ideal solution.

But after a handful of gatherings, it became obvious the chapel, with benches, an altar and a cross, was anything but a “neutral” religious space. It simply wasn’t going to work for a group whose members spread out rugs and blankets to sit, kneel and stand on during prayers.

A chapel with crosses and other non-Muslim symbols simply wasn’t sharia compliant.

Many Muslim students, faculty and staff report feeling tension on campus as they seek discrete places in which to offer their five daily prayers, at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset and night.

Rocklin said that Danforth Chapel continues to be used by a number of other religiously-focused student organizations, and the new prayer rooms will be available to all students as well.

“These rooms are certainly going to be used primarily by Muslim students, but they’re not limited to be used by Muslim students,” Rocklin said.

Haskins said the next challenge will be to locate a larger space for the weekly congregational prayers on Fridays.

The national Muslim Student Association has been working for years with campus organizations to seek various accommodations at public universities across the country.

Islamic Supremacy 1o1 as executed to perfection by the Muslim Brotherhood. The MSA was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Students Association of the United States and Canada, or MSA (also known as MSA National), was established mainly by members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in January 1963 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Nyack College theologian Larry A. Poston writes that “many of the founding members of this agency [MSA] were members of, or had connections to,” the Muslim Brotherhood or Jamaat-i-Islami. The three most significant founders of MSA were Hisham al Talib, Jamal Barzinji, and Ahmed Totanji, and all of whom were MB leaders of Iraqi descent. Other noteworthy individuals who served as early co-founders of MSA were Mahboob Khan and Malika Khan.

The creation of MSA resulted from Saudi-backed efforts to establish Islamic organizations internationally in the 1960s, for the purpose of spreading its Wahhabist ideology across the globe.

The MSA is a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists (and legal jihadists):  The growing list of Muslim Student Association (MSA) terrorists.

See sharia creeping in your area, say something by dropping us a note!


Secular group challenges prayer spaces at UI

A Wisconsin-based secular foundation is calling on the University of Iowa to reconsider a recent decision to set aside full-time prayer spaces on campus.

“This goes beyond any claimed accommodation provided to students,” wrote Patrick Elliott, staff attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, in a letter Friday to UI President Bruce Harreld. “The University may not establish worship and prayer spaces targeted to certain religious persons and practices.”

These rooms are certainly going to be used primarily by Muslim students, but they’re not limited to be used by Muslim students,” Tom Rocklin, UI vice president for student life, told the Press-Citizen in February.

Each room provides space for 15 to 20 people assembling for joint prayer, said Mohammed Ismail, a biochemistry major and event coordinator for the UI Muslim Student Association. When the association uses the rooms for prayer, they separate the male and female participants into different rooms.

“When a government entity like the University of Iowa creates prayer areas for specific religions and imposes religious rules upon students (removing shoes, segregating men and women), it has unconstitutionally entangled itself with religion,” Elliott’s letter states.

“It will not be long before other groups start seeking prayer rooms of their own, and the university will either have to provide those rooms or risk treating certain religious views unequally and violating the First Amendment,” Elliott’s letter states.

What will the end result of this be? The rooms will be labeled non-denominational with no distinguishing features and like in the real world, Muslim supremacists will control it and do as they please. At taxpayer expense.

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  1. i wonder if they will be allowed to store weapons there?

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  3. Ex-Muslim talks about MSA experience…..

  4. Christians should start the church bell again if the Islam call to pray is going on. They silenced Church bell by calling it a disturbing the peace. Let’s hear them ring!

    • Towns, universities, etc. should go ahead now and make church bells historic and allowed and develop noise ordinances forbidding other.

  5. Where’s the Buddhist temple? Oh, I forgot. They have never asked for one.

  6. Iowans are nice people. They will tolerate this when they should be out there marching with torches and pitchforks.

  7. I would like to know if it’s true about Twitter coming down hard on people criticizing Islam ? Can you email my answer please.

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