Texas: Judge orders Muslim couple who enslaved women be deported, forever

hassan-al-homoudSource: Couple banned from America after treating two women as slaves | Daily Express

A US judge ordered the Qatar military officer and his wife to be expelled immediately after he heard how the two servants were forced to live in squalor while they enjoyed the lap of luxury in their upscale San Antonio home.

Hassan al-Homoud, 46, who received military training at San Antonio’s Camp Bullis, and his wife, Zainab al-Hosani, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, pleaded guilty to federal charges in December.

District Judge Orlando Garcia said he had hoped to hand down a harsher sentence than deportation in the case, since engaging in forced labour is a crime punishable by up to 10 years’ in prison.

But a plea agreement was offered to the couple because the servants – one from Bangladesh and the other from Indonesia – refused to testify against them.

Homoud pleaded guilty to visa fraud while his wife pleaded guilty to knowing that a felony was taking place and failing to report it.The couple also agreed to pay $60,000 (£41,000) compensation to each of their victims.The court heard that the duo kept the servants in primitive conditions, withholding their wages, confiscating their mobile phones and passports, and giving them barely enough food to survive.

Judge Garcia said the couple would be immediately removed from the country and never allowed back.The servants told officials they had never been paid and a federal affidavit said they were forced to live in a “run-down apartment with no furnishings, no linens, utensils, clothing, television, reading material or even toilet paper”.The US. Attorney’s office said Hosani had “threatened the workers with arrest and incarceration in Qatar if they failed to perform their work obligations”.

Related: A black Nigerian couple in Katy, Texas was also in court recently for enslaving at least one worker.

32 thoughts on “Texas: Judge orders Muslim couple who enslaved women be deported, forever

  1. Sharia Law will never pass in this country. Especially in the South. Too many pissed off rednecks who will put a stop to that! Fuck these people.

    • This is ridiculous, why does America even have this stupidity called sharia law. America has our constitution and the bill of rights. We Americans are sick and tired of this unlawful moslems even being drugged into our country. This moslems the so called president of our country has done so much damage to America. Why isn’t this traitor hanging by his neck. This is a notice most Americans are not RACIST. But our traitor obama is as RACIST AND THE GREAT DIVIDER OF AMERICA HANG THIS TRAITOR ALREADY!

      • Ban them all and ASAP!! These foreigners are all BAD NEWS. Our SA Government dealing with foreigners allowing them into the country!
        Now all of a sudden SA Gvrnmnt wants to put DOG – CAT – SNAKEMEAT on our menu!!
        These foreigners WELL KNOWN as Dog/Cat -Eaters. (Yulin Festival)

        Plse help us and sign the care 2 petition against this horrific cruelty. Ty.

    • sharia is already being implemented in the city of seattle,by the faggot mayor–if your a muslim in seattle, you can get an interest free homeloan…and that was sign by seattle ed murray…,. the first faggot mayor of seattle

      • The same is happening in Australia. Sharia finance offered by banks. Some of which refuse to hold accounts for anti islam groups.

  2. I’m sure the judges sentence put the fear of allah into this couple. The judicial system in this country is a complete joke, allowing this couple to walk is a travesty and the judge should be dealt with physically.
    The time is rapidly approaching when Americans will have to deal with situations like this privately and beyond the visual feild of the government before we turn into another Europe.

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    • wonder how many of these cretins are still here; we have to get this scum out of our country; they hate us; that is plain as the nose under the burqua; this nonsense has to stop. the infiltration of islam in our country is the worst enemy we have. has to stop and i say start now where you are; be vigilant; report everything you see or hear. our country is not safe long as these creeps are allowed to stay here.

  4. Muslims are such inhuman Filth! None them is to be trusted EVER. They smile a lot, the evil creatures, and because of that dupe a lot of people into believing that they are really very nice. They would never do the horrible things that they are accused of doing, they will tell you. It’s all a facade of course. The Muzzturds will do anything to anybody, no matter how horrendous, in the name of their Satanic Islam!

  5. Yes, here in Australia we also pander to Islam in many ways. We are a multi-cultural nation and the striking thing is we don’t have any problem from other religious groups.

  6. America is a descendant, after all, of Anglo-Saxon law like India. Punishments, if any, for transgressions of the law depends on who the transgressor is rather than what the violation is.

  7. LOL
    “Americans” are so fucking funny! “Get out of my country”?! Whos country, the indians? U lot where killing them and stealing their land, and now the same shit happens to you. Karma is a bitch.

    • LOL…It might have been the “indians” country at one time, but “we” took it from you because you lost that war.
      Land is won or lost through war.
      This coming war hasn’t been fought yet.
      When it has been…get back to us on your opinion…okay, Buckwheat?

      • And by the way…if you think you have it bad under the white man, just wait and see how you will be treated under the wonderful world of islam, should that ever happen…just sayin’…

  8. It is common enough practice in the Gulf States – the arabs themselves are lazy, slovenly people, and have long been getting by on enslavement.

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