NYC Children’s Museum Indoctrinates Kids with Islam

There’s a war for the mind’s of your children and grandchildren taking place. If you ignore it and don’t teach them, you’re leaving it in the hands of those who practice one of the most intolerant and violent ideologies the world has ever seen. Or those who’ve already submitted to them. Beware.  newyork-islamizationSource: NYC Children’s Museum Celebrates Muslim Diversity  h/t Free Republic

Imagine a place where children can steer a dhow boat across the Indian Ocean, sell Egyptian spices and Moroccan rugs, hop on a camel and embark across the Sahara. “America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far” is a groundbreaking interactive museum exhibit in the heart of New York City that lets kids do just that: explore the A-to-Z of Muslim cultures.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM), established in 1973, is a hands-on cultural destination for families committed to nurturing “the next generation of global citizens.”

CMOM’s executive director, Andrew Ackerman, says the addition of the Muslim cultures exhibit allows families an opportunity to discuss unity and diversity within the same tradition — a factor he says is crucial for developing young minds.

“Those attitudes really form very early in life,” Ackerman said. “So part of our role as a children’s museum is to open their minds and experiences with very positive images about people from different lifestyles and different parts of the world, so that negative stereotypes don’t take root.”

Across from the courtyard, next to a life-size 900-pound camel, is the “American home” living room, made up of clothing, artwork, photos and books donated from American Muslims of all walks of life. On the coffee table, there is an app that teaches you how to write and say “My name is …” in 24 languages spoken by Muslims in New York.

The city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, has praised the exhibit as an “important cultural resource,” calling New York Muslim residents a “vital part” of the city’s diverse communities.

“Children will have the chance to learn about Muslim cultures in an engaging and thoughtful way,” said de Blasio.  “We only grow stronger when we embrace and celebrate the multitude of cultural backgrounds that make up New York City.”

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4 thoughts on “NYC Children’s Museum Indoctrinates Kids with Islam

  1. Is there an Islamic woman standing there that the children can yell at accusing her of adultery? Is there a plot of dirt in the museum where the children then may bury that woman up to her waist so that they can practice the Muslim culture’s stoning of women to death?

    Are there Christian dummies available so that the children can practice the Islamic culture of beheading infidels?

    An then, which one of the children volunteers to be a sex slave to Islamic soldiers? (Children frantically raising their hands to be chosen: “Hey! ME! Sodomize ME! Rape ME!”)

    Is there an interactive display where a child is accused of stealing and someone dressed in Islamic clothing pretends to dismember the child’s hands?

    What about the child who steals food because he is hungry? Can a child in the museum pretend to steal food, then other children (posing as grown men) hold the child down while another child driving a pretend truck runs over the hungry child’s elbows thereby making forever that his arms are useless – just mere appendages hanging down held together only by skin. He is thereby unable to feed himself, hold anything, do anything.

    Are there a few of NYC’s Jewish citizens volunteering to stand about while the children yell at them telling them that they are “apes and monkeys”?

    Child 1: “You there! Jew! You are an ape! You are a monkey!”
    Child 2: “Yeah! Jew ape! Jew monkey. Kill him!!”
    Other children led by Child 1 and Child 2 then mob the Jews, jumping on them trying to kill them with pretend rubber knives.

    No museum is complete when they whitewash over the core of their exhibit’s beliefs.

  2. are they exposing them to female genital mutilation, cutting off limbs of children, stoning to death men and women; hrowing homosexuals off roofs, probably not; get their minds filled with hate first then rest of the shit hits the fan.

  3. Are they going to also teach the children all about what the muzzies did on 9/11? Are they going to teach them just how sick and vile islam really is? I bet not…….

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