Terror-linked Muslim Org: ‘Turn your mosques into registration centers & polling stations to change America’


Video below. via: Here’s What Supporters of Sharia Law Want to Bring to America — Charisma News

What has not been reported by mainstream media is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the 2016 election: encouraging Islamists to vote and engage in politics.

It should be noted first and foremost that Islam is not a religion and its totalitarian, political ideology is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution.

On January 3, 2016, the Founder and Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Nihad Awad, encouraged attendants at a MAS-ICNA (Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle of North America) conference to become involved in politics, vote, and establish political action committees. Watch his presentation here.

Referring to his campaign, “MOBILIZING MUSLIMS,” Awad stressed that Muslim voters were critical to changing America. He declared:

“If pro-Muslim candidates win in this fall’s election, America will be a ‘very different country’. What American Muslims do and do not can determine not only the future of you here, but the future of America itself – the future relationship between America and the Muslim world.”

Awad hopes to register one million Muslim voters to vote in the 2016 election. He said:

“If you don’t like Islamophobia, if you don’t like what Donald Trump says, what Ben Carson said, get busy in 2016. Get busy in 2016, register to vote, and register other people to vote, if you don’t know how to do it, Google it. Turn your centers, Islamic centers, mosques into registration centers for voters, into polling stations during the election time. This is the time to tell our narrative and to show our presence.

“We have to register every single Muslim to vote in 2016. The Muslim vote can be the swing vote in major states. The swing votes, brothers and sisters you know them: Florida, Ohio. Do we have people from Florida here? Do we have people from Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania? These are predicted to be the seven swing states in 2016 presidential election. The number of Muslims in these states is growing.”

The problem with CAIR’s initiative is that no one who follows the Qur’an can honestly claim to follow the Constitution. The former, advocates for human rights abuses inherent to Islam, against which the Constitution prohibits.

Those who support Islamic ideology advocate that the following are legally permissible under Shari’a law:

  • Female genital mutilation (genitals being cut and sewn shut),
  • Honor killings (fathers or brothers kill their daughters/sisters),
  • Child marriage (girls under age 12 are married to adult men),
  • Slavery (girls are sold for “protection” by their parents and/or kidnapped and sold at slave bazaars),
  • Shari’a Councils (Imams marry girls – even for one hour– to men, then divorce them only to marry them to another man and divorce them again),
  • Wife abuse and domestic violence (husbands are instructed to beat their wives as a form of punishment); husbands are permitted to rape their wives,
  • Non-legal status for women who are considered property (a wife’s legal rights equate to only half of her husband’s),
  • Discrimination, punishment, and death for everyone based on sexual and religious orientation, especially if they will not “convert” to Islam.

Instead, Muslims in America and worldwide should head this Egyptian woman’s warning; she says of her own experience witnessing an Islamic transformation in her country:

“Islam is a supremacist racist political and social ideology wrapped in a thin peel of religious rituals. It seeks domination and supremacy over all other systems and religions. Islam is worse than Nazism and fascism systems combined without any doubt.”

Furthermore, there are roughly 109 verses in the Qur’an instructing followers “to wage war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.” Even Muslims who don’t go along with the goal of Islamic rule will be labeled ‘hypocrites,’ and killed according to blasphemy or apostasy laws. 

If CAIR’s efforts don’t sound the alarm bell for Americans to recognize what’s at stake for future generations, voting will be the least of their concerns. Muslims engaging in politics will soon be considered a “religious freedom” exercise, if CAIR’s ongoing nationwide involvement in American politics is any indication despite its designated “terrorist organization” status.

Mosques are being used as more than registration and polling places. They are telling Muslims who to vote for and not vote for. That is illegal. Find out if the mosques in your area are violating election laws and should be stripped of their tax-exempt status. Report them.

CAIR is an Islamic terrorist group according to the UAE.


**It should be noted that New York Times anchor @arappeport linked to this post and highlighted the DOJ-named unindicted co-conspirator and UAE-named terrorist organization CAIR, and also writes about at least one terrorist-linked mosque without mentioning any of the Islamic terror links. He and the NYT are complicit and will ensure more 9/11’s, Paris’ and Brussels in the future.


17 thoughts on “Terror-linked Muslim Org: ‘Turn your mosques into registration centers & polling stations to change America’

  1. folks, read the muslim brotherhood project/plan for the USA; this is more of their infiltration and trying to dominate and change idiots to their way of thinking. they must be stopped; they are LIARS through and through. cair is definitely a terrorist organization along with all the other groups sponsored by the muslim brotherhood.

  2. We should have never ever let that first mosque be built on US soil…
    islam – It is a horrible destructive…metastasized cancer.. that brutally ravages every thing it touches.
    I believe it is toooooooooooo late for the USA now.. it will destroy everything good that is left..

    I refer back to The Old Testament ..MOAB.. ring any bells on how GOD will deal with such things?
    I’m honestly amazed at how very patient GOD has been up to this point with the USA..
    I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet.. this isn’t even the warm up to the warm up ..

    • Peter, I have to say that I agree with you. God has been very, very patient with us. Every time I read about another mosque being built on our soil, my stomach churns. Islam is not friendly, it is not tolerant, it is not good. Anyone who believes it deceives themselves.

    • America has become a rich whore.Everyone wants a peice of her;internally and externally.Islam is succeeding because of weakness in the true moral fiber that is the Constitution and Bill of Rights;something that Senators and Congressmen despise.Where the weakest point is found ,there you find the germ of attack..Creeping Sharia ..Sharia IS Islam.Now it is said a NEW AND IMPROVED MECCA is proposed for Wyoming.perhaps thae fall of Saudi Arabia will cause a pre-planned exodus to U.S.A where the New Mecca will be more that a tourist attraction!!!S.U.B.M.I.T. you infidels………..just pressthe submit button when you shop;that will mean you submit to the new world odor…..including Sharia.

  3. Ur all stupid hoes that believe everything u hear and read but don’t know the truth cause u never think for yourself about what u hear about Muslims. Islam is the best

    • After reading the Unholy Koranus, four of the six sittah, The Sealed Nectar and surveying Hedaya, Risala & Reliance Of the Traveller and Ibn Sa’d, I know that Islam is demonic and you are full of shit.

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  6. Okay first of all God also says to love one another and He made all of us in His own image so stop bringing God into this if you don’t even understand his love FOR EVERYONE! MUSLIMS INCLUDED!

    Secondly, not ALL Muslims are bad. Just like how all American’s aren’t bad.

    You don’t get a right to say who is bad and who isn’t and who should be bombed and shouldn’t be. If you’re saying they should be bombed and you use God’s name for such ill intentions then you’re no better then the people YOU depict.

    Thirdly, religion is a right. How would you like it if someone looked at your religion with no REAL understanding of it and said it was demonic? You’d be offended wouldn’t you? Then you have no right to judge these people’s religion. Someone commented saying you READ about their religion…just because something is write on paper doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Sometimes you have to be born and raised in the religion to understand it completely. To grow up with the people and their customs. Anyone can read the Bible, but no one can truly understand God without a guiding hand. Millions of years before your ancestors may have believed in a certain religion that was similar to the Muslim’s. Their religion had aged and evolved over thousands of years and it’ll take a thousand more before it can be priced by a person who THINKS he knows about it.

    I apologize to all Muslims who read these hateful comments. It’s unfair to you and this is just another episode of modern racism and inequality.

    For all you people who can’t speak clearly and use offensive words to show some sort of dominancy on here…shame on you. Yes there are times were a Muslim is the reason for a terrorist attack, but it’s the same with Americans.

    We are terrorist to our own people some times and yet we do not say that the person responsible should have himself and his entire family deported our nuked.

    Using words like that…do you really understand what they mean? You want to kill these people, who are innocent as well as guilty like us, but yet you fear God because they exist?

    I would fear God more if I shameless claimed that I wanted his own children to be killed. It’s in the constitution that every man should get the right to speak. It didn’t specifically say every ‘American’ man. So let these people have a voice and stop being a wall that wants to be ignorant as well as crude for the rest of your life.

    If you’re one of the people who wrote such hateful and disrespectful words, I’m not sorry. But I am sorry that you’re so ignorant, stubborn, rude, callous, and arrogant.

    • AssWhole, you exemplify that which you bitch about. In your insane arrogance you assume that we know little about Islam and what we know is inauthentic hearsay.

      Try again after you have read the Qur’an, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Reliance Of The Traveller Book O Chapter 9, Al-Sayir in the second volume of Hedaya, the Jihad chapter of Risala, Jihad in Islam, Ch. 3 of Muquaddimah, The Sealed Nectar and the first two volumes of Ibn Sa’d.

      Allah is Satan, Moe was a lunatic false prophet and profiteer who had a demon. Islam gives Muslims an open season license to attack, kill,enslave, rape and plunder infidels and threatens those who will not with Hellfire.

      Acts of terrorism are imputed to the mujahid as righteous good deeds. Allah commands striking terror and terrifying infidels.

      In short: Islam is unmitigated evil which must be eradicated. You are the factotum who shields the vampire from the stake. Like Camoron, Shrub, Turdeau and Obamination, are living proof that shit can take human form and live. Your kind makes me despair for the future of the human race. :(

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