Fox orders pilot of Muslim family sitcom

What’s the over/under if the pilot episode takes a swipe at Donald Trump? via: Jihad Watch

Here it is at last: the long-desired Muslim family situation comedy that is going to cure “Islamophobia” by showing racist, ignorant, xenophobic Americans that hey, look, Muslims are just like us. Katie Couric called for it during the Ground Zero Mosque controversy, saying that what America needed was a Muslim Cosby Show. Now that Bill Cosby is so resoundingly discredited, Reza Aslan, with his typical moronic arrogance, updated the demand and called for a Muslim “All in the Family,” apparently not realizing that the central character of that show was a butt of jokes and an object of ridicule. But clearly he meant the same thing: if Americans could just see Muslims outside of the context of jihad terrorism, they would love them, and “Islamophobia” would evanesce. And then Barack Obama said last week at the Islamic Society of Baltimore that “our TV shows should have Muslim characters that are unrelated to national security.”

Now we have it. Will it work? Will it make Americans drop their concerns about jihad terror? Unlikely. The whole idea that Muslims are threatened, harassed and discriminated against in the U.S. is a creation of the Islamic advocacy industry, which knows well how well it pays to be a victim in the U.S. today. Those groups — Hamas-linked CAIR, ISNA, MPAC and the rest — will still need to play the victimhood game even while this sitcom is running, and after its run has ended. So we will continue to see fake hate crimes and claims of discrimination, and the failure of this show to stem the tide of “Islamophobia” will be touted as a reason why Muslims deserve special privileges and the further weakening of counter-terror measures.

Meanwhile, how a 34-year-old woman is going to be convincing playing a 14-year-old boy is an open question, but whether or not Nasim Pedrad can pull it off, it is noteworthy that this Muslim sitcom will feature a 14-year-old boy who has to serve as the man of the house. That suggests that it will not feature the individual who is the center and dominant figure of most real Muslim families: an adult male. That makes it likely that the show will not depict in any remotely realistic manner the way women are treated in observant Muslim homes — and given the purpose of this project, that is not surprising at all.


“Fox Orders ‘Chad’ Comedy Pilot Starring Nasim Pedrad As Teen Middle Eastern Boy,” by Nellie Andreeva, Deadline, February 10, 2016:

Fox has given a late pilot order to Chad: An American Boy, a single-camera Middle Eastern family comedy co-created by and starring Saturday Night Live alumna Nasim Pedrad and directed by Jason Winer.

Written by Pedrad & Rob Rosell, Chad centers on a 14-year-old boy (Pedrad) in the throes of adolescence is tasked with being the man of the house, which leaves him with all the responsibilities of being an adult without any of the perks. Pedrad, Rosell and Winer executive produce with 3 Arts’ Michael Rotenberg and Dave Becky. 20th Century Fox TV is the studio.

“I’m thrilled to be able to portray a Middle Eastern family not working for or against Jack Bauer on network TV,” said Pedrad, who is Iranian American. “Also, a big thank you to Fox for understanding that my true essence is that of an awkward and misguided 14-year-old boy.”

Pedrad’s remark, which references the protagonist in Fox’s terrorism drama 24, echoes President Barack Obama’s recent comment during a visit to a U.S. mosque that “our TV shows should have muslim [sic] characters that are unrelated to national security.”…

Like most things Islamic other than killing…this idea failed: Fox decides NOT to move forward with Muslim sitcom called Chad An American Boy.

14 thoughts on “Fox orders pilot of Muslim family sitcom

  1. Since the muslim market here can’t be big enough to support a sitcom as it is now, the remaining option is fox selling islam to u.s., as implied.

    It’s not ‘islamophobia’; get very tired of that term. If there’s dog-crap in my yard, it’s not out of fear, that I don’t step in it.

    If this sitcom happens, than it’s just dog-crap in a brown paper bag being tossed on our porches.

  2. surely Fox knows this is a piece of crap; will never work; will not succeed; when the so-called moderates begin to speak ou against the radical islam faction then what is the point. they are afraid as they know the penalty. . . . . . .so forget this nonsense in an attempt to kowtow to the muslim brotherood and the groups they sponsor

  3. Fox is too stupid to realize that Islam frowns upon laughing or the art of enjoying life. Islam thrives on persecution and misery. This is obscene and shouldn’t be given a split second’s attention. We have a bunch of fools kissing Mo’s butt

  4. I recently watched a movie based in the UK called “Honour”. It was about, if you hadn’t guessed, honour killing.

    That tells me, muslims are not just like us(or Americans), no matter how much they sugar coat themselves.

  5. It is no Islamophobia. It is not Jihad. Jihad is easy to deal with. Just shoot them. The real a problem is: The rape 9 Years old girls, they under the self imposed law beat up they woman and force the to be sex slaves. It is our children and our woman I am worried about. It is our culture that is at stake here. Finally there is only 2% of Muslims here. They make more fuss and problems then any other minority. There are 3% Hindu here, and 4% Jews. Those minority have integrated and do not pose a cultural threat to us.

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