Kentucky: Erlanger Residents Edgy Over Halal Meat Market (Video)

And grocer fears Muslim backlash is the cause of complaints. Kuffarphobia v. Islamophobia. You know who wins that every time.

Source: WKRC  h/t Iron Burka

“The Muslim people have to eat Halal meat. It’s called Halal meat. The Halal it’s a way to kill the animal. It’s a different way than the Christian do or the Jewish do,” said co-owner Mohamed Ahmed.

Thursday, Feb. 4, Erlanger’s city administration told Ahmed that some residents had complained about odors and noise. However, city administrator Marc Fields told Local 12 News there wasn’t any noise or odor coming from the store when he visited Wednesday, Feb. 3. Ahmed is suspicious that some of the complaints have to do with the Arabic writing on the sign in front of his store.

“Yesterday I find the lady outside taking a picture of the store and I asked her what she was doing there and she said, ‘OK you guys are killing animals here,’ and she left,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed has a permit for custom processing of meat from the USDA so he said he isn’t violating any rules by butchering animals in the store. Eddie Reeves lives across the street from the grocery.

Quite a defense by WKRC in Cincinnati.

If your area is a growing Muslim hotspot, they’ll be slaughtering animals while screaming allah akbar there soon too. Many examples of halal problems in the U.S. in our archives here.

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2 thoughts on “Kentucky: Erlanger Residents Edgy Over Halal Meat Market (Video)

  1. The statement by the owner is a lie, Muslim do NOT have to eat “halal” meat!
    Muhammed himself, was questioned on this very point by devout Muslims. Muhammed said, all that was necessary was to pray over the meat, “in the name of Allah” a blessing. That prayer alone made the meat “halal” or acceptable for Muslims to eat it.

    Why fight over this? What’s the difference? After all, slaughter is slaughter; yes, it is! The reason to not allow “halal” meat is that, the meat must be certified by an Imam, and to do that there is a cost. That cost is then used to finance “Jihad warfare”. So, by allowing “halal meat” certification or eatting this meat, you are literally “murdering” yourself and loved ones!

  2. The Muzzies are slithering in everywhere in our tolerant Western societies. Bit by bit, little by little, the Creeps are more and more in our faces, bullshitting us with their bald-faced lies. It we don’t put a stop to their encroachment now, they WILL wind up owning our asses!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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