Indiana: City to vote on sharia resolution condemning anti-Islamic speech

Islam means submission and our elected officials are attempting to submit us to Islam as quickly as they can. These fools would enforce sharia law if they could.

Source: Anti-Muslim hate resolution to be introduced in MC – h/t BNI

“You can’t legislate kindness, but it would be really great if you could,” Councilwoman Pat Boy said, discussing a new resolution she will introduce to the Michigan City Common Council this week.

The resolution, titled “Condemning Violence, Bigotry and Hateful Rhetoric Toward Muslims in the United States,” is the result of discussions by local group Citizens Concerned for Syrian Refugees.

Boy hopes to see unanimous support from her fellow council members when she introduces the resolution during Tuesday’s council meeting at City Hall.

The committee responsible for this action, Boy said, originated within the League of Women Voters of La Porte County but quickly grew to include other individuals. It was formed in reaction to the treatment of refugees by the state of Indiana, she said.

“Indiana had people lined up to come here as refugees – there were places for them to go and support for them to come here, but the governor wouldn’t let them come,” she said, referring to Gov. Mike Pence’s ban on Syrian refugees resettling in Indiana last year.

This led to a concern for the treatment of all immigrants, but particularly Muslims – a group that has seen an upswing in mistreatment in America since 9/11.

The resolution says, “Hateful and intolerant acts against Muslims are contrary to the United States’ values of acceptance, welcoming and fellowship with those of all faiths, beliefs and cultures.”

It further states, “The rise of hateful and anti-Muslim speech, violence and cultural ignorance plays into the false narrative spread by terrorist groups of Western hatred of Islam, and can encourage certain individuals to react in extreme and violent ways and … these acts affect not only the individual victims but also their families, communities and the entire group whose faith or beliefs were the motivation for the act.”

If approved, this resolution would be a statement from the council “(reaffirming) the inalienable right of every citizen to live without fear and intimidation and to practice their freedom of speech.”

Boy said, “It just makes a statement that Michigan City is not in favor of this persecution.” She said state legislators are working on a bill downstate regarding hate crimes – so she thinks the timing of this resolution is perfect.

If it is approved, a copy of the resolution will be sent to Pence, as well as the Indiana State Senate and House of Representatives.

Joining Boy in this stand against violence are councilmen Al Whitlow, Bryant Dabney and Don Przybylinski – all who signed on as co-sponsors of this resolution.

It will be voted on by the full council during the next meeting scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall.

FBI statistics show that the overwhelming majority of so-called religious hate crimes in the U.S. are not against Muslims but against Jews…and they are quite often perpetrated by Muslims! No resolutions for that?

The city council’s Contact Page is here.

The LWV Of Laporte County here.

11 thoughts on “Indiana: City to vote on sharia resolution condemning anti-Islamic speech

  1. who decides what is “anti-islamic”???? If telling the truth of what islam is a crime; that is gross anti freedom of speech isn’t it???

    all of you indianians and rest of the USA read the muslim brotherhood project for the USA, it should open your eyes, if not then you are in deep shit. everyone should educate themselves on what islam really is and what their only goal is, domination of the west and destruction of the Constitution.

    • I live in Indiana, but please, you should not assume that everyone here is clueless as to what is going on the world around us. Remember, the muslim brotherhood has been infiltrating our country and our government for a long time along the liberal left who have also been working hard to destroy our country for a long time. We all share in this responsibility of fighting for the truth and this woman along with a great many others all across the globe are the ones who are still currently lost and in positions to make decicions that affect everyone. While I do not live near Michigan City, you can be sure that I will be contacting her in an attempt to share the truth about what islam really is and why she is wrong in her stance.

      • Indiana has long been a place where the jihad established itself:

        ISNA was named in 2007 as unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case, the largest terrorism financing trial in American history. The Holy Land Foundation itself was started as a project of ISNA as the Occupied Land Fund, and run out of their Indiana headquarters…

        Many more posts here:

  2. Stupid Boy needs to be run out of town, or better yet out of the country. Its obvious that she mentally is a few cans short of a 6-packl Only fellow idiots would support her ridiculous idea.

  3. Smh… Muslims have been treated bad since 9-11? Obviously the council woman hasn’t lived in this world lately… treated since 9-11.. my ass

  4. How dare our City, County, State or National Government take away our Freedom of Speech ! I will speak any time , any where and say what I wish ! How about Anti American Speech ??? Keep Sharia Law out of the USA !!!

  5. Wait till they experience a radical that goes in a restaurant with a machete and starts cutting up people for no reason. Think it can’t happen then just look at what made national news from Columbus, Ohio. The city is just asking for trouble and if this gets passed, the city will never recover. I cannot support Muslim causes until their leaders in the USA stand up and denounce their own radicals. I have not seen a willingness of their leaders to speak in support of the USA.

  6. People write the city council of your concerns of this resolution. One thing you can write about is the Amendment I, write the whole Amendment and remind them of their Oath to the US Constitution! And mention that when anyone comes to America. They have to assimilate the the US Constitution the supreme Law of the Land! Tell them ook at Europe?

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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