Catholic Charities Resettles Islamists: EVIL or INSANITY?

via : St. Cloud, MN billboard removed when Catholic Charities complains « Refugee Resettlement Watch

The local Catholic Charities in St. Cloud complained that the sign was inaccurate because their particular branch of CC didn’t actually place Somali Muslims in St. Cloud (that is the job of Lutheran Social Services).  The sign company agreed to remove the sign.


It is accurate that Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis do resettle Somali Muslims (a shocking number of their ‘youths’ have gone on to become international jihadists), so for the whole state of Minnesota the sign’s message is accurate.  We told you as early as 2011 that Catholic Charities was one of three phony non-profits (federal contractors) that first brought Somali Muslims to Minnesota beginning in the 1980s.

Go here to see one of dozens and dozens of posts about the ‘Somali youths’ who received the benefits of US citizenship, welfare as they grew up, and some even obtained college educations and still went on to become (or attempted to become) Islamic terrorists.

Minneapolis Star Tribune story begins:

A billboard that targeted Catholic Charities for resettling Muslim refugees was taken down Wednesday, just days after it was installed in St. Joseph Township in Stearns County.

The sign, which read “Catholic Charities Resettles Islamists: EVIL or INSANITY?” was apparently paid for by an individual who hired Franklin Outdoor Advertising to post it along a highway a few miles west of St. Cloud, where Somali immigrants have been targeted by anti-Muslim groups.

A spokesman for Catholic Charities in St. Cloud said the office reached out to the advertising firm after an employee spotted the billboard to notify the firm that the office isn’t involved with refugee resettlements. Franklin Outdoor agreed to remove the sign due to the inaccuracy, said Steve Bresnahan, the executive director of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud.

Continue reading here.   The St. Paul/Minneapolis Catholic Charities admits it resettles Somali Muslims.

Chuckling!  How many passersby saw this sign in Stearns County before it was removed compared to how many will see it now that Catholic Charities forced its removal… help get this story out far and wide!

Go here for a huge archive on St. Cloud (a pocket of resistance)!  Go here to see which other towns in Minnesota ‘welcomed’ Somalis over a ten year period.  And, don’t miss this recent post where we reported that over 43,000 Somalis have been admitted to the US just since Obama took office. Minnesota is destination #1 for Somali colonization.

4 thoughts on “Catholic Charities Resettles Islamists: EVIL or INSANITY?

  1. Long ago, Catholic Charities stopped being
    Catholic & Christian. They are another left-
    wing Charity for profits only & the Roman Catholic
    Church should be denouncing them, & refusing to
    allow them to tarnish the Church even more.

  2. none of the ‘replacement’ money mongers care about who they ‘settle’ in our country; they get $6500/head and the settler gets everything free, housing, food, education, etc. quite a deal; so why would those doing the settling care; it is a $5billion dollar business

  3. Sponsoring Muslims is a profitable racket for Greedbags who couldn’t care less about the negative impact the presence of non-adaptable aliens has on US society. Profit is all that matters to them, and the country be damned. They are traitors, and need to be put away permanently!

  4. greed exists at every level of government without a care for the end result; more terrorist minded people who hate our country but dont mind taking all the benefits; somewhat like the assholes in the white house

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