Texas: Hillary Clinton raises $500K at Muslim businessman’s home (video)

Clinton and Sanders pandering to 1% of the population…with the promise of sharia blasphemy laws!

via: She’s “helping out against Islamophobia”: Hillary raises $500K at ONE campaign stop — to Muslim businessman’s home – The Rebel

She’s not stopping there:  Clinton Reaches Out to An Iranian Front Group for Campaign Donations

5 Responses

  1. wonder what theywill get in return; you can bet it isnt because they liek her; it’s because they want favors;’ if she endorses sharia then she herself should have to live under it as the islam do, in pure repression;
    she is a damned jerk

  2. I can’t believe our leaders are selling out to the Muslims!

  3. The Democrat Party is now the party of Islam. The
    filthy Muslims tried to take over the GOP, but failed
    several years ago. Now they have been welcomed
    By both Bernie & Hillary, & I imagine the reward is
    Sharia. The Muslims have to decide whom to give the
    Cash. The Blacks will settle for cash & a Boxed Lunch, but the Muslims want the laws changed. Which
    one will be able to deliver?

  4. Just goes to show how low the Democrats will stoop to gain money and votes.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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