Vatican walls built by pope, designed to repel Muslims


Source: Those Vatican walls? Designed to repel Muslims

Pope Francis’ statement this week Christians should not think of “building walls” had one major problem.

The pope’s sovereign city-state, Vatican City, is surrounded by giant walls.

What’s more, the walls were specifically built by a prior pope to repel Muslims.

History shows back in 846, Muslim raiders known as the Saracens looted Old St. Peter’s Basilica and the Papal Basilica of St. Paul outside the walls. The pirates took priceless treasures from the shrines.

Shocked by the sack of some of the most sacred sites in Christendom, Pope Leo IV created the Leonine Wall, completely surrounding the Vatican Hill. Additional defenses were added in the 15th and 16th centuries.

The Vatican attempted to walk back the pope’s attack, which came against Trump, on Friday, with a spokesperson saying, “In no way was this a personal attack, nor an indication of how to vote.”

However, Dr. G.M. Davis, the author of “House of War: Islam’s Jihad Against the World,” argues the pope’s reputation has already been damaged.

“The thinly veiled attack on Trump and the implication Trump is no Christian seems little more than a cheap political shot unworthy of a spiritual leader of global reach,” Davis told WND. “Had Trump been Catholic, it would have amounted to a back-handed excommunication. Whatever Pope Francis’ intent, he only diminished himself and came across more as a competing presidential candidate than the leader of the world’s largest Christian organization.”

Davis accused the mainstream media of “almost intentional stupidity” in interpreting Trump’s call for a wall to mean no one is going to be admitted to the United States.

“Obviously what Trump meant was to get a much better handle on regulating our southern border, with ‘walls’ but also doors, gates, fences and more border security,” Davis said. “Indeed, Trump could have pointed to the Vatican itself as a model of border security: massive, impenetrable walls accompanied by efficient security, gates, metal detectors, etc., which allow countless numbers of people to come and go in a safe manner.”

10 thoughts on “Vatican walls built by pope, designed to repel Muslims

    • Yes, THIS POPE FRANCIS is beyond any Pope in my
      lifetime, with his left-wing political aspirations. We have a living Pope (Benedict) who was driven out by
      the leftist College of Cardinals. The Church has been
      tarnished by Francis the Fickle, & his shameful words and actions are a disgrace to the title (Vicar of Christ).

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  2. da pope should keep his hypocrite papal nose out of USA politics. His attempt to manipulate “catholics” with his statements were pretty obvious. And he should tear down “his 50 ft wall” before he starts throwing stones at others who build walls.. Further pope…stop embracing douche bags like the Castro’s..and all other dictators.. quit being duplicit..and come out tell the everyone that communion, socialism is the scourge of the earth, no good has ever or will ever come from it. And by the way pope,, climate change has nothing to do with stop pushing that stupid lie as well.

  3. The early Popes/Catholics, as did the Founding Fathers, knew the dangers to civilization posed by Muslims. Now it seems as though everyone has forgotten these dangers and even welcoming them.

  4. WW3 2016 – Obama//Putin//ISIS//Pope Francis//NWO — Final Warning (Video)
    This documentary explains it all, it is 3 hrs long with some of the best information I have read this year. I was completely floored when they discussed the Vatican and the Popes hidden agenda. I recommend this article to anyone seeking the real truth!

  5. The spoke in such a crook. He speak very openly about being supportive of the new world order one world government one world religion. And if I’ve checked the last chapter of the Bible correctly I’m pretty sure that’s a sign of the end times and that the Antichrist is the one that is supportive of the new world order. Putting Obama Hillary Clinton they all support new world order as well as the Rothschild family and Rockefeller family. They’re all working together to end all governments and start the new world order. Generations today think that these progressive liberal political leaders and religious leaders are just so hip and cool when really they have no idea what’s really going on.

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