Nebraska: Omaha bank submits, revises security policy for Muslim supremacists

Even Muslim head coverings are becoming a preferred disguise to rob banks. via: Omaha bank revises security policy after Muslim woman’s complaint –

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – An Omaha bank has revised its security policy after a Muslim woman wasn’t allowed inside because of her head scarf.

The woman said she was told to remove her hijab before she would be allowed in the bank at 78th and Cass streets, despite her response that she couldn’t take it off for religious reasons.

 Security National Bank released a statement about the policy:

“Security National Bank has announced that it is clarifying its posted security policy for walk-in customers and visitors at all of its locations.

The bank revised its security policy to clarify that only items that obscure portions of a walk-in visitor’s face must be removed. Religious head coverings that do not obscure the face are certainly allowed and have been in the past. The recent situation was an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Security National Bank’s objective has always been the safety and security of its customers and employees. This will remain at the forefront of the bank’s policies, while at the same time continuing to respect and accommodate the diverse community they serve.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations applauded the change:

Of course most Creeping Sharia readers already know that Security National submitted to a known terror-linked group:

CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation criminal trial—the largest terrorism financing trial prosecuted to date, the FBI has severed all ties with CAIR, and the UAE has declared CAIR a terrorist organization.


MWN previously reported:

…there is a bit of back story here. That same bank was just robbed during previous months by people wearing clothing that concealed their identity. Since then, the branch’s security measures have been revamped and now strictly outline that customers can’t enter while wearing something on their head or face that prevents surveillance cameras from getting a good look at them.

Ms. Renteria refused the request to remove the garments that were obstructing her identity, and when she took a moment to call her husband in the breezeway near the entrance, bank employees reportedly locked the doors. The two reportedly went back and forth, arguing facility protocols and religious practice. In the end, the Muslim woman removed her veil – but it was already too late as staff refused to let her in the bank.

Crying at this point, the distressed woman called police, who promptly arrived, but she was only given more bad news. According to police, the bank had done nothing wrong and had every right to refuse her entry into the building on account of her noncompliance with the rules. They then instructed her to open an account at the bank’s drive-thru instead.


3 thoughts on “Nebraska: Omaha bank submits, revises security policy for Muslim supremacists

  1. Nothing in the unholy Qu’ran states that women must wear hijab. That’s total BS and women stupidly believed the men dominating them. They can’t keep it zipped and need to be on a raft heading back to the sewer since a woman’s hair arouses them. Hell. everything arouses these sick perverted beasts.

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