Australia: Senate Candidate Calls for 10-Year Pause in Muslim Migration

via: Australian Senate Candidate Calls for 10-Year Pause in Muslim Migration | Daniel Greenfield @ Frontpage Mag

Everyone agrees that we need to cut down on Muslim terrorism and sexual assaults of the kind that took place in Germany. And realistically speaking, there’s only one approach that can work. And the idea is spreading that it’s time to pause the huge flow of Muslim migration which is the source of much of the terrorism, sexual assault, religious intimidation and crime.

THE NSW candidate for Australian Liberty Alliance spoke to a packed room at the services club last Saturday and promised to be a voice for locals who feel they have not been listened too regarding the intake of refugees.

Glen Innes Severn Council Mayor Colin Price spoke out earlier this year about council’s decision to make Glen Innes a refugee welcome zone, a decision that has upset many in the town.

Kirralie Smith will run for a seat in the senate at this year’s election with a view to influencing policy outcomes from what she calls ‘out of touch’ major party politicians.

Speaking at the invitation only meeting Mrs Smith said politics was suffering from the insatiable beast called political correctness.

“So many people feel powerless to do anything about it and I will stand for those people who are sick of it winning every argument, the truth is multi culturalism is a failure and we need to reassess our immigration policies and our association with the United Nations,” she said.

Local real estate agent Frank Parry said Mrs Smith was right on the money with her point on refugees and that she spoke to the issue for the entire country.

“I think political correctness has gone mad, the way that people are carrying on is ridiculous, no one listens to the alternate point of view in regards to this issue,” he said.

Australia has been severely victimized by a flood of illegal Muslim migrants and that doesn’t count legal Muslim migration.

3 thoughts on “Australia: Senate Candidate Calls for 10-Year Pause in Muslim Migration

  1. This same scenario is being played out in cities
    & towns in Europe & North America. Always, the
    Mayors are at the head of the Welcoming Committee
    for the RAPEFUGEES. The mayors are able to intimidate the council members& so on it goes. The
    citizens are led like sheep to believe that their authorities will protect them. It’s time for the citizens
    to form into groups to protect those who are vulnerable. Women & children are the first victims, but
    The men & boys will later be the objective.

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  3. Finally, there is an authority, on the other side of the world, that can think and that doesn’t practice the proselytism
    Against the politically correctness, the machism, the sexism, the mysoginy, the patriarchal power, the racism-supremacist, the medieval tribal power,the ideological islamic expansionism….. save the occidental values!!

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