Canada: Liberals LIED, brought in 20,000 fake “Syrian refugees” (video)

All those “Syrian refugees” coming to Canada? They’re coming from apartment buildings in cities, where they’ve been living peacefully for years.

via: PROOF the Rebel was right: Liberals LIED, brought in 20,000 fake “Syrian refugees” – The Rebel

The Liberals made a campaign promise to take 50,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2015.

Of course, the idea that Canada could properly select and vet refugees from “terrorist central” was never going to work.

Instead of admitting that after they were elected, the Liberals doubled down.

But certain things just didn’t fit. Like when we asked for a copy of the questionnaire refugees were filling out. We were told no such questionnaire existed.

Then yesterday, Martin Bolduc, the Vice-President of the Programs Branch at the Canadian Border Services Agency CBSA, answered questions that no Liberal has answered so far.

It was a bombshell:

All but a tiny fraction of these “refugees” were already living in cities in neighbouring countries. For years.

The whole thing was a trick. A lie.

So now we’re creating refugee camps in Canada, warehousing these people in hotels and even Canadian Forces bases. They don’t speak English or French. They don’t have Western job skills. They don’t have Canadian cultural skills. They’ll be unemployed; they’re bringing their health care costs here. And then there’s the security risk.

They’re certainly not real victims, like Christian Arabs or Yezidis or Kurds.

It’s madness. It’s got to stop.

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