Maryland: Muslim “Refugee” Family of 9 Includes Blind Father, 7 Kids

Guess who will be supporting this Muslim family for the next half dozen or more decades? via: Syrian Refugee Family Welcomed in College Park

A U-Haul pulled into the apartment complex early after Fajr found the Farook family was ready to move to their new home in College Park, MD. Volunteers from Virginia, Baltimore and the Dar Us Salaam (DUS) community brought out boxes from the midsize ‘dingy’ apartment that was clearly too small for a family of nine.

In coordination with other concerned Muslims in the Baltimore metro, a coalition was formed streamlining processes, delegating tasks so that efforts were not duplicated. Through the help of this committee, one family was moved to the neighborhood near the  Islamic Society of Baltimore community. The coalition will continue to look for affordable rental homes to house refugees in areas close to established Muslgim communities. “We wanted to give them the mental comfort of living in an established community that can help in case of need.

There you have it. Muslims are helping so-called Muslim refugees move into areas surrounding Muslim mosques to build up larger Muslim enclaves. When you see a mosque being proposed in your neighborhood, know that Muslims will be flooding the area. And if it’s the so-called refugees that are coming, they will be doing so on your taxpayer dime.

We are in the process of doing a rental application for another family,” shared Umm Hamza.  Processing the Farook family’s rental application took time as they were denied many times due to the large family size and other factors.

Currently, there are six Syrian refugee families in the area. Two are in Hyattsville, two in Baltimore. Umm Hamza says that they will work with International Rescue Committee to bring more families to College Park.

Abu Khalil and his wife Abeer have settled into their new home. 5 of the 7 children will attend Al Huda school, where the community has pledged to take care of their needs because Abu Khalil is blind and will not be able to find work as easily as other refugees.

The committee is looking for volunteers to tutor the children far behind their peers.

In summary, taxpayers have imported a Muslim family of nine with a blind father and kids who are far behind their peers. But, Muslims in Maryland and priming the pipeline and will be bringing more tax burdens to the areas around mosques. With seven kids, mom won’t be working and with dad being blind – there’s a pretty good chance he’ll end up on disability.

The new America!! And check out the new Maryland.



2 thoughts on “Maryland: Muslim “Refugee” Family of 9 Includes Blind Father, 7 Kids

  1. Individual coalition members need to provide the complete financial and personal support required for these ( ). Fill in the blank with your own words.

  2. Can you just imagine the costs to the local taxpayers who will bear the burden of the costs to educate these ragamuffins from the third world? They are always so needy due to poor nutrition, no dental or medical care and any other necessities to live in civilized society.. How was the father blinded? was he a terrorist fighter? This couple have no fertility problems and could possibly produce another 7 offspring.. Not to worry-Obamacare food stamps subsidized housing,utilies paid, free obamaphones for all 9 of them,ssi benefits for one and all . they are eligible for the unearned income tax benefits. Costs to taxpayers in excess of 250,000.00 per year at least. Where does it end?

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