Pair of US gynecologists urge tolerance for immigrant’s “female genital mutilation”

Muslim immigrants primarily. via: Pair of US gynecologists urge ‘compromise’ on female genital cutting  h/t sharia unveiled

Western states should legally permit immigrant communities to surgically “nick” young girls’ vaginas as an alternative to genital mutilation, a pair of US gynaecologists argued in a hotly-challenged paper Tuesday.

Such a “compromise” could allow groups to honour cultural or religious prescripts while saving millions of girls from invasive and disfiguring genital slashing practised in some African and Middle Eastern cultures, the two doctors stated in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

“We are not arguing that any procedure on the female genitalia is desirable,” said Kavita Arora of the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and Allan Jacobs of Stony Brook University in New York state.

“Rather, we only argue that certain procedures ought to be tolerated by liberal societies”, which have outlawed such practices but host immigrants for whom it is part of their culture.

Efforts to enforce an outright ban on female genital mutilation (FGM) have often had the opposite effect — driving the practice underground and putting women at even greater risk, said the duo.

But many peers immediately dismissed the idea.

According to Arianne Shahvisi of the University of Sussex ethics department in Britain: “One must not cause irreversible changes to the body of another person without their consent.”

Arora and Jacobs, however, contended that a one-size-fits-all approach ignored that many people believed the procedure to be a means of achieving “moral or ritual purity” for their child.

Vaginal cutting is widely regarded as a libido-reducer, intended in certain cultures to keep a woman chaste.

According to the World Health Organization, about three million girls a year fall victim to genital mutilation.

It can cause urinary difficulties, cysts and infection, infertility and complications in childbirth.

– Like dental work –

Arora and Jacobs have proposed new sub-categories of genital cutting.

Category One would entail procedures with no long-lasting effect on the appearance or function of the genitalia, such as a “small nick” in the skin.

Procedures under Category Two may affect appearance, but not reproductive capacity or sexual enjoyment, they said. This could include removing the “hood” or skin-fold covering the clitoris or trimming the labia (labiaplasty).

The first two categories, they said, should be reclassified as female genital “alteration” (FGA) rather than “mutilation”.

“These procedures are equivalent or less extensive than male circumcision in procedure, scope and effect,” they wrote.

“Indeed, they are equivalent or less extensive than orthodontia, breast implantation or even the elective labiaplasty for which affluent women pay thousands of dollars.”

Arora and Jacobs should be the first subjected to such genital mutilation.

Thanks to rampant Muslim immigration, DOJ has to give webinar on preventing female genital mutilation in America. Why? Female genital mutilation on the rise in the United States.

12 thoughts on “Pair of US gynecologists urge tolerance for immigrant’s “female genital mutilation”

  1. I intended to reply to Dr. Jacobs’ proposal of doing a modified mutilation procedure but he is listed neither at the University Hospital at Stony Brook nor as an instructed at the university. Hope the article can provide a clarification.

    • Yes, I would also like to see where he can be reached to express my disgust at his inhumanity and intolerance towards women and girls.

  2. These so-called gynecologists need to have their empty heads “nicked” with something similar to a machete do delete the vacuum between their ears.

    • This doctors, who would be better called “witch doctors” should have to endure a nick taken out of their own penis or clitorus, to know the pain, humiliation, and degradation FGM !! That’s what used to happen to witch doctors, who did evil!

  3. FGM would be stopped immediately IF it was mandated on men!
    Violence against women, girls or any “females” MUST be fought for and WON! Or NO woman, girl or any “Female” will ever really be valued until violence is stopped.

  4. There is nothing to honor about their barbaric culture. They should be required to obey the laws of our country, not something from the 7th century.

  5. These idiots. God forbid we should just stand up to these barbaric “religious” practices and say NO, not in this country! Do these morons think that all “underground ” practices of FGM will just magically end? I don’t think so. I am disgusted that not offending practitioners of the world’s “peaceful religion” is so much more important than protecting the integrity of young girls.

  6. Excuse me, but since when did it become acceptable to allow 3rd world practices override civilization? These 2 imposters should have their medical licenses taken away and not be allowed to even sell bandaids. This is insanity and frightening to think that anyone would suggest any compromise involving such a barbaric practice.There is no place for Islam in civilized societies. Totally incompatible.
    licenses taken away

  7. This should be a criterion for banning entry or nullifying immigration into the US. Period. Then we would see a change in attitude toward it.

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