School Homework Has Children Write Letter Explaining Their Conversion To Islam

Do you know what your kids are doing in school today?


No place is safe from the vile ideology of Islam. via: School Sets Children Task Of Writing Letter Explaining Their Conversion To Islam – Breitbart

A school in Guernsey, an island with a few dozen Muslims out of roughly 62,000 residents, set some of its pupils the task of writing to their parents about their conversion to Islam.

Children aged 12 to 13 have been tasked by their Religious Studies teacher, Amber Stables, to write to their families describing their conversion to Islam.

Assistance with content given to the pupils suggests:

Include: How you’re feeling, how becoming a Muslim has changed your life, how much you love your family and hope they can accept your choice.

Focus: How would it make you feel having to tell your parents this?? How would/could they react?

In setting the homework assignment, Miss Stables did perhaps realise that discussing conversion to Islam may be seen by some as controversial. As such she added a careful disclaimer (all punctuation reproduced from the original):

**Please also note this is a piece of creative writing and completely fictional YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY CONVERTING TO ISLAM. It is purely to test your knowledge of what we have learnt this year and how well you can argue objectively!!!!

Such a reaction would not come as a surprise to observers of schools throughout Europe in recent times. An emerging trend across European education systems has seen children not just being taught about Islam in religious education classes, but being encouraged to embrace and celebrate it.

9 thoughts on “School Homework Has Children Write Letter Explaining Their Conversion To Islam

  1. I am going to be politically incorrect and make a macro-aggression. This is bullsheet to teach our young, impressionable youngsters Islam as a viable choice in a predominately Judeo/Christian country. There must be better examples to use for a creative writing course. Where was this so called teacher when she was taught early childhood development? What ever happened to the reading of a verse from either the old or new testament from the bible and a salute to the American flag? Surely there must be more American examples of creative writing than a cultish 7th century tale of a murderous, thieving leader who robbed caravans and cut off heads was a pedophile and a necrophiliac.

  2. Children 12 to 13 are the future Jihadists of
    Europe & America, & Miss Stable is being paid
    by her Dhimmi Government to produce monsters
    out of “once” normal students. America & Canada
    have fallen in line, with their leaders who are closet
    muslims. We, in America, have schools, where parents are barred from their own child’s graduation, because the parent questioned the ISLAMIC

  3. It is brainwashing when a political ideology such as Islam is allowed to talk children into embracing their corrupt ideology. This teacher must be fired immediately before she harms other students.

  4. Dear Mommy and Poppy,
    I am converting to Islam,I hope you will respect my decision, as you know since I am only 12 and still live at home,you will need to make some changes, First no pork products can be in the house, please see the following list. Also I can only eat Halal products, I am not sure where you can buy these items. I know this will extra shopping and cooking. Because am I concerned about our family moral values I am asking that there be no contemporary music, and that TV turned off while I am at home. I will need the following items one standard pray rug and a hijab. oh and a koran, If you wish to celebrate Christmas, Easter, and other holidays, please find me other activities to do. Oh mom, I will need to go to the doctors and have my female parts altered, I know you may disagree but it is all the rage among muslim girls! I guess that is about it, oh Dad you might want to think about a boy you like after all I am almost 15 and I will need to get married soon! Love your only daughter Katie

    • Mommy and Poppy say to their once beloved daughter.

      “In islam, if you dishonour your family, you are to be killed.”

      “So, if you would just step outside; I don’t want to make a mess in the house”.

      • Awesome reply! It’s going to get very ugly before it gets better and people need to decide if they’re willing to fight for their beliefs and freedoms.

  5. Dear Mommy and Poppy,
    Today in school I was forced to convert to Islam. The teacher gave all of kids us 3 choices – convert, give her our school lunches everyday, or die. Since I don’t want to be beheaded and have my head mounted on the school gatepost, and making me a dhimmi by demanding my food everyday as jizya is a bit much, I chose the only option left which means that now I am a Muslim.
    Peace to you,
    Fatima (formerly Sally Ann)

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