Canada: Only 3 years for Afghani mother who tried to ‘honor kill’ daughter with meat cleaver

A mere three years for attempting to kill her own daughter. via: Quebec woman who attacked daughter with cleaver handed three-year sentence  h/t TROP

MONTREAL — A Quebec woman who attacked her daughter with a meat cleaver after the teen had been out partying has been sentenced to three years in jail.

Johra Kaleki was found guilty in March 2015 of attempted murder in the 2010 attack of her then 19-year-old daughter.

Quebec court Judge Yves Paradis sentenced Kaleki on Tuesday and described her act as a serious crime that could have been fatal had her husband not intervened.

The 44-year-old Afghan-born mother of four was incensed at her daughter and said she’d disrespected the family by staying out.

The young woman did not want to pursue a criminal complaint against her mother.

Prosecutor Anne Gauvin says she doesn’t know if the daughter’s wish was a determining factor in the sentence but adds it certainly played a part.

The Crown was seeking a 10-year prison sentence while the defence was asking for a conditional sentence.

The trial heard that Kaleki struck her daughter twice with the cleaver and tried to choke her.

In finding her guilty, Paradis rejected a defence argument that Kaleki was not criminally responsible for the act by way of a brief psychotic disorder.

In Islam, according the “The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law ‘Umdat al-Salik by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri (d. 769/1368) in Arabic,” there would be no punishment even if the daughter had been killed.



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8 thoughts on “Canada: Only 3 years for Afghani mother who tried to ‘honor kill’ daughter with meat cleaver

      • There’s a lot of ignorance in your statement. People are violent not religions. Islam as well as Christianity and Judaism and Hinduism and Sikhism and Buddhism and all the other religions on earth all aspire to peace. I encourage you to read a book rather than watching CNN.

        • Just an FYI, for someone that calls themselves a “smart cookie”, you really need to change that name. Your knowledge comes from the Taqiyya that they spew to the non moslem world – when in the same breath they are vilifying and damning the non-islamic world, calling for death to all infidels – and that means you too – unless, of course you are really a moslem yourself, and are just trying to spread more Taqiyya.

          islam is not a religion, much less of peace. It is an insidious, theocratic, political, machine whose goal is world domination and rule by sharia law. They have even said so so many times themselves. And the silent ones that do not speak out in protest against that are irrelevant.

          I do know many that speak out against it – and they live in fear for their lives – but they do speak out even with the fatwas against them. Their are the bravest of the brave. because they know the truth and want to the world to know. And yes – I have read books on it and done my research as well.

  1. Canada has embraced Sharia with opened
    arms. Their own citizens appear to have accepted the
    murdering of girls & women under Sharia Law. Turn out the lights, & leave, but please don’t come to
    Florida, bringing your Sharia with you. We’re ARMED.

  2. I don’t think this page should be called “creeping sharia” any more. It has evolved into “galloping sharia” !
    This “mother” is, as usual, getting off with a slap on the wrist for attempted murder! And the daughter was most likely too frightened to press charges against the mother, because of the retribution she might have been subjected to.

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