Muslims Claim Second Mosque at North Pole

Islamic conquest has been ongoing for 1,400 years. It’s not stopping now.


via: Muslims Inaugurate Second Mosque at North Pole

An Islamic community near the North Pole has inaugurated a new mosque in Iqaluit, in the region of Nunavut, Canada, becoming the second mosque built at the North Pole after a Saudi journalist arranged for the construction of a mosque in the Canadian town of Inuvik in 2010.

The new mosque, inaugurated on Friday, will reportedly serve as a place of prayer and a community center in Iqaluit, where about 100 Muslims reside, as well as offering a place to learn about Islam. There are also plans to operate a food bank at the site.

When the idea of the mosque was first proposed in 2009 there wasn’t much enthusiasm among the local Muslims. “People said, ‘A mosque is not required here, we’re a transient society, we come and go,’” said Syed Asif, the Pakistani native who spearheaded the project.

In that same year, Asif established the Islamic Society of Nunavut and began fundraising for the mosque as well as negotiations with the territorial government over land acquisition and zoning.

“By establishing this mosque, we are saying one thing: we are now a part of the Iqaluit community,” said Hussain Giusti, general manager of the Zubaidah Tallab Foundation, which together with the Islamic Association of Nunavut built the mosque at a cost of $800,000.

Giusti said that constructing a mosque at the North Pole sends a message that a mosque can be built anywhere.

“If you can build a mosque in Iqaluit, you can build it anywhere else on the planet,” he said.

Guisti also said the new mosque will encourage more Muslim families to move to the area.

Odd. Whenever opponents of mosques in the West make the argument that traffic will increase and the Muslim population in the area will grow the Islamic supremacists lay claims of bigotry and racism (although Islam is not a race). Yet here we find the truth. They build it so Muslims will come.

7 thoughts on “Muslims Claim Second Mosque at North Pole

  1. since when do muzzies go from the desert to the coldest place; there must be some military bases nearby; otherwise, why bother.

    what idiot allowed this to happen??????

  2. good old saudi araba bank of islam; 800,000; are you kidding me; the whole place couldn’t come up with 800,000. just another funding by saudia arabia whose mission is to plant a mosque anyplace there are people stupid enough to allow it.

  3. It looks like H.W. Bush’s “deal” with the old Saudi “king” is bearing more & more fruit. The Saudi money
    Has built most of the mosques in the US & now, the
    North Pole. May GOD Help Us.

  4. “If you can build a mosque in Iqaluit, you can build it anywhere else on the planet”

    same with churches – oh, that’s not true, you can’t build them in some muslim majority countries

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