Video: Migration and Sharia

There is a mass migration from Islamic lands to Kafir lands. It is the mission of Islam to bring the Sharia into power, everywhere. There is an ethical divide between Islam and the hated Kafir civilization. It is the purpose of Sharia to dominate the Kafir civilization.

As Muslims immigrate, they immediately make Sharia demands. These demands are endless in details, but the process can take generations. We can see the centuries long transformation in the Middle East and Turkey which used to be Christian.

This does not mean that every Muslim takes part in the politics of Sharia, since only a few Islamic leaders are needed. The reason that Islam can win every attempt to advance Sharia is that Kafirs are tolerant of all demands and do not push back. So if our attitudes do not change, Kafir nations will become Sharia nations.

2 thoughts on “Video: Migration and Sharia

  1. The Muslims have had success, wherever they are able to mass in an area around the “Islamic center”. In St. John’s cnty, the “center” is located in an area, where new housing is being built, & we know who will be located in that housing area.
    They are so far, not strong enough to infiltrate the local Government, but that will be their future project. Duval Cnty has already capitulated, so we’re next.

  2. Muslims will always be a threat to the indigenous population-wherever that might be. They are programmed, it would seem, to replace existing laws with their evil, totalitarian Sharia. They will never give up, but keep pushing and pushing (and bribing) corrupt politicians to decide in their favor. Islam and its disciples need to be removed from our civilized nations, and returned to their own. There they can practice their barbaric Sharia Law all they want!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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