Christian Teens Jailed for 5 Years…for Mocking ISIS

In other words, the Islamic State is Islamic after all. Welcome to the sharia. And beware those who tout Sisi as a reformer. via: Christian Teens Accused of Mocking Islam Are Jailed for 5 Years in Egypt

Three Christian teenagers have been sentenced to five years in jail by an Egyptian court after they were accused of mocking Islam.

The three boys, ages 15 to 18, were sentenced Thursday in Egypt’s Minya province. They were charged last year with insulting Islam after recording a video while on a class field trip.

The video, recorded in January 2015, showed the boys pretending to be Islamic State militants by reciting Quranic prayers and pretending to slit each others’ throats.

Maher Naguib, the defense lawyer for the teens, told the AFP that he plans to appeal the judge’s harsh ruling.

“They have been sentenced for contempt of Islam and inciting sectarian strife,” Naguib told the AFP, adding, “the judge didn’t show any mercy. He handed down the maximum punishment.”

The boys’ teacher, who filmed the video on his mobile phone, was sentenced to three years in jail in a separate trial.

Activist groups, including the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, have spoken out against the recent ruling, arguing it unfairly targets Coptic Christians in the strict Muslim majority country.

The EIPR said Thursday that the court is using the excuse of “protection of religions, general system, and public morals” as a reason to “impose restrictions on the mother of all freedoms: freedom of expression and faith.”

There have been numerous court cases in Egypt where Coptic Christians are sentenced to harsh prison sentences for allegedly “insulting Islam.”

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3 thoughts on “Christian Teens Jailed for 5 Years…for Mocking ISIS

  1. We sit here day after day insulting Islam and no one has put us in jail because we live in the US which is a JUDEO CHRISTIAN country and not one built on the lies and evil of Islam.

    Pray for the intercession of the 21 Coptic Martyrs for the five beautiful Christian teenagers in the video and their teacher.

    Islam is evil because Mohammed’s “Gabriel” was Satan. Satan is the founder of Islam, not God.

  2. no one seems to be doing anything abour the worldwide murders of Christians and non-muslims; why????? islam is pure murder filled crap and why do people believe that stuff. The Universe is filled with love and all good except for islam which is the scourge of the planet.

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