Indiana: City council passes Islamic sharia blasphemy resolution

An update on this post on the sharia resolution condemning anti-Islamic speech.

via: Disputed resolution passed by council – News

MICHIGAN CITY — Two councilmen stood in the way of a much-talked-about resolution receiving the full support of the Michigan City Common Council on Tuesday.

A resolution titled “Condemning Violence, Bigotry and Hateful Rhetoric Toward Muslims in the United States,” passed 7-2 with councilmen Chris Schwanke and Ron Hamilton voting against it.

Both said they object to the resolution because it should protect the rights of all people, regardless of their religious beliefs. “I have no problem supporting a resolution covering all religions,” Hamilton said before he voted against the one on the table.

Schwanke made similar remarks before also casting his “nay” vote.

The seven other council members spoke in support of this resolution, with Councilman Al Whitlow expressing concern that a resolution condemning hate and bigotry has garnered so much discussion.

“We’re not trying to eliminate hate, although that would be wonderful,” he said. “We are saying the expression of hate through violent acts is inappropriate in this country.”

There are already laws against violence, so this is redundant and was pushed by Muslim supremacists to silence critics of Islam.

Councilman Don Przybylinski said, “Michigan City is a progressive, proactive community and a progressive and proactive community always supports its citizens … In our hearts, we need to stand up for the citizens of the United States, the citizens of Michigan City and human beings in general.”

This resolution was introduced last month by Councilwoman Pat Boy, but was sent to a committee meeting because concerns were raised about the exclusivity of the resolution by just protecting the religious freedom of Muslims.

That committee, made up of council members Hamilton, Candice Silvas and Bryant Dabney, voted 2-1 to support the resolution as written – with Hamilton voting against it.

Just before the vote on Tuesday, representatives spoke in favor of the resolution, urging the council to support it, including speakers from the Human Rights Commission, the Michigan City Commission for Women, Citizens Concerned for Syrian Refuges and the La Porte County NAACP.

All leftist, pro-Muslim, pro-invasion groups.

Contact the City Council or send them a message here.


30 thoughts on “Indiana: City council passes Islamic sharia blasphemy resolution

  1. I thought the UK was the only country run by politically correct and multicultural liberal idiots.

    Following the stupidity about the confederate flag which turned into a burn books, rewrite history, and smash statues sort of thing..

    This doesn’t actually surprise me.

    • Guess that one cannot read the Koran out loud for when one quotes; the kill the unbelievers, beat your wife, strike their necks etc-etc CAIR and others holler blasphemy

  2. Just how do they plan to punish those that practice freedom of speech. This one should end up in the courts and ruled invalid and unconstitutional. The progressives are destroying our country. Time to rip them out of their seats of power by their hair (if they have any) and throw them into the street.

    • All the traitorous bastards supporting sharia ought to be punished physically! Stop their selling out of the country, bit by bit, little by little to Islam with extreme prejudice. Just opposing them with talk won’t get them to change their minds. They must be hurt big time! Nothing has worked so far, so maybe plain old sh*te kickings will achieve the desired results? It’s primitive, of course, but it might just work. . .

  3. We’re doing really super at electing totally idiotic stupid want-to-be politicians! We will pay for their gross incompetence!

  4. All religions have had their dark times and overcame them. They have learned from passed mistakes and moved forward into enlightenment. The Islamic beliefs for so many Muslims has not changed for centuries it remains the same as it was written centuries ago. God help us all.

  5. Here is the Twitter account for m.c,…@yoloneci68651. Promoted (at least waiting) this story on Twitter…. One has to wonder if they have read the koran, or read the news of babysitter beheading a child, ..or any news regarding Muslims over the past 2,000 years?!..better yet,..anytime they have joined up with Samaritans, or mercury one, helping out during a national tragedy, or helping the homeless, veterans,..or ANYONE?!?

  6. will someone please take the names of all these people that wanted this law passed and tell who they are . because it is going to come a time when they will try to hide ,and they regret that which they have done

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  8. A resolution means nothing,UN and media. Have no authority! The US constitution is the supreme law of the Land!!! People take classes on the constitution to know your rights!!!

  9. Why are lunatics winning every time they open their insipid mouths? Intelligence and reasoning has been replaced by sheer insanity. This is the United States of America, not the United States of Islam. We have a Constitution that governs and guards our freedoms not a qu’ran that will destroy and take away these freedoms. Publish the names of all of these traitorous idiots so that when the time comes we can ignore their cries. It is mind boggling to see people willing to throw away our way of life for that of a 3 rd world nation. If it is that appealing to these “I want to be liked and thought of as progressive” cretins, let them go live over there. Sharia has no place in our society and anyone passing illegal laws in favor of this barbaric system should be jailed.

  10. Sharia law is making way too much head way in America under the guise of freedom of religion, need to change the status of Islam to theocracy, Public Law 414 passed 6/27/1952: states ant group or organization or people that want to harm Constitution cannot enter into our nation, its a shame our elected officials ignored this law as we are facing what Europe has been dealing with.

  11. OMG!!!!! Political correctness has NO place in our Western Civilization!! It only makes it that much easier for ridiculous “laws” like this latest one to be enacted. This means that moslems can say whatever they want, call for the deaths of all of you and the U.S. and YOU CAN DO NOTHING AGAINST IT!!!! And the moment you you even try to do anything they will have YOU arrested!!!! Are you people REALLY that insane???

  12. How can Americans’ in American cities pass Sharia Law , this is not only In American, it is against our Constitutional Laws’ ! Sharia Law has no place in America, it goes against everything we believe as Americans ‘ ! We have free speech and should not be discriminated against by these Muslim people in our own country !!

    • Muslims infiltrate city councils and boards and organizations and then force these initiatives on the do-good, guilt-ridden folks who know nothing about Islam. That’s how.

  13. “violent acts” are already illegal for everyone so the guy is LYING..and this is 100% UNCONSTITUTIONAL- I hope someone gets arrested for this “hate speech ” crap and goes all the way to a SUPREME COURT with newest judges selected by an actual conservative like TED CRUZ

    this is enforcement of sharia blasphemy laws – if people want islamic theocracy they need to move to Pakistan or KSA

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  15. Mustn’t insult the largest growing Democratic voting base even if it is actually a fair criticism to make. Might upset their overseas funders.

  16. We THE PEOPLE shall exercise OUR constitutional rights of Free speech.For those who would interfere with that right ;it is suggested that they consider taking a self defense course.Violence against anyone is not indicated ;however the pen is a mighty weapon when truth prospers.

  17. I will still speak my opinion out in pubilc! More people should take & study the us constitution more serious! The first amendment is to protect unpopular & etc! I carry in my pocket a us constitution copy! And I have had people tell me they know that I have rights. But they say I don’t care just do as we say. I say no!!! I have even had people attac me for knowing my rights. But everytime I defend my self and I will!!! Do the same people defend yourselves against thugs. I even make fun of Islam or etc! People have died for are rights in America!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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