Minnesota: Governor tours mosque burglarized by career criminal

Governor Mark Dayton (second from right) and Lt. Gov. Tina Smith and leaders of the Umatul Islam Center speak with reporters outside the mosque. Matt Sepic | MPR News

How many churches, synagogues or other houses of worship has Gov. Dayton visited when they were burglarized or for any other reason? Our guess is none. Pandering 101. via: Minnesota: Gov. Dayton tours burglarized Islamic center

On Sunday, Governor Mark Dayton toured a Minneapolis Islamic center that was vandalized last week. Someone broke into the building late Wednesday and smashed several interior doors and a window at the Umatul Islam Center. A board member at the center estimates that the building suffered about $5,000 in damage from the burglary and vandalism.

Dayton says he stands in solidarity with Minnesota’s Somali-American community and calls the vandalism cowardly.

“Our Somali citizens are welcome here. They have every right to be here. They have absolutely every right to worship as they choose. This is very un-Minnesotan. It’s very un-American,” Dayton said.

Minneapolis Police Department spokesman John Elder said investigators collected evidence at the scene and have made strong headway in identifying a suspect.

Some might argue that Dayton is the coward and and this was either a publicity stunt or he was terrified of terror-linked Muslim group CAIR. Others might just call him a dhimmi.

Either way, with the state of affairs in Minnesota, this clearly should not have been his top priority. Conversely, stopping the never-ending flow of Somali Muslims to ISIS and other jihadi groups should be.

More via: Desperately Seeking Islamophobia | Power Line

A week ago, there was a burglary at a Minneapolis mosque. CAIR immediately labeled the incident anti-Muslim, as the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported: A burglary this week at a Minneapolis Islamic …

Today it was reported that police have made an arrest in the case. The headline and sub-headline tell the story: “Alleged prolific burglar suspected in mosque break-in. Police doubt the suspect specifically targeted the mosque.” In other words: oops, never mind.

A man suspected of committing at least a dozen burglaries or attempted burglaries around south Minneapolis, including the break-in of a South Side mosque that got the attention of Gov. Mark Dayton, was arrested late Monday, police said. …

The man, who Third Precinct inspector Michael Sullivan described as “prolific burglary suspect,” is suspected in at least a dozen break-ins of businesses along E. Lake Street, between Second and Fourth avenues. The burglaries all occurred within the past few weeks, prompting police to increase patrols in the area, Sullivan said.

Sgt. Jarrod Kunze, the lead investigator in eight of the cases, said the suspect was well known to officers, having been named in more than 170 police reports.

More than 170 police reports? This guy is a walking crime wave. What do you have to do to get sent to jail in Minnesota?

He also dismissed the idea that the man specifically targeted the mosque, saying, “I don’t have any specific evidence that he targeted any specific group.”

Officials said the suspect had been on police’s radar from the get go and that a warrant had been issued for the man’s arrest.

So even as CAIR and Governor Dayton were attributing the burglary to anti-Muslim prejudice, and Star Tribune reporters were dragging in the Republican presidential race, police were well aware that the mosque break-in was just one of a dozen or more similar burglaries in a two-block area. It’s one more great moment in Islamophobia.


5 thoughts on “Minnesota: Governor tours mosque burglarized by career criminal

  1. They are on an Islamophobia tangent here in Minnesota. Great article on Powerline about Desperately Seeking Islamophobia. Government is in the pocket of CAIR MN and doing their best to shame and silence any criticism of Islam. Even though they have no evidence of anything close to a problem with anti-Muslim violence, it doesn’t stop them from promoting the false narrative.

    • You are exactly accurate in depicting moslem COLONISTS influencing government at many levels. Just try to discuss islamism openly with school age kids. Whenever ANYTHING happens, the moslemites drag out their ‘I’m a victim of hate crime’ mantra. That the news reporters give them any time for this intellectual doodoo is sad. Why isn’t keith ellison lobbying federal government to arm moslems so thy can ptotect themselves?

    • FYI you have Bill (and Hillary) Clinton to thank for the colonization of Minnesota by Somali Muslims. It began after the Began Hawk Down incident.

  2. Both the Governor and lt. Governor look like a couple of sycophantic Tools. “We don’t want to upset those lovely, wonderful Muslims, is what they’re thinking. Besides, their votes would be more than welcome in the next election. Let’s give them what they want.” That’s how it goes, folks, self-seeking politicians pandering to every minority that crawled out of a hole just so that they can keep their weasely jobs!

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