New Jersey: South Brunswick Library, Lawmakers Use Taxpayer Funds to Force Islam on Public

Taxation for Islamization. Libraries are a common target for Muslim supremacists as they infiltrate towns.  via US Library hosts event in New Jersey to dispel myths about Islam – AhlulBayt News Agency – ABNA – Shia News h/t Iron Burka

In an effort to promote tolerance through education, the South Brunswick Public Library (SBPL) in Monmouth junction, New Jersey hosted one in a series of conversations on major faiths around the world on Sunday.

Suzy Ismail, author and visiting professor of communication at DeVry University, led the discussion.
“Dispelling Misconceptions About Islam,” provided an understanding of what Islam is all about and how she as a Muslim American lives her faith.

In other words, it was nothing about real Islam or Islamic history but merely about how she wants Islam to be perceived…by the kuffar.

Ismail spoke to a crowd of more than 70 people, including members of the South Brunswick Human Relations Commission (SBHRC), the Interfaith Clergy Association of Greater South Brunswick and the Community Resource Team, who co-sponsored the event.

South Brunswick Board of Education Member Azra Baig, coordinator of Sunday’s program and member of the township’s Human Relations Committee, said she was hopeful that the event would dispel some of the misconceptions about Islam.

Muslims are very aggressive at getting on and taking over local town, city and school boards. Once in, they exert maximum pressure to protect and promote Islam. Part of dawah.

Ismail emphasized that Muslim Americans are taught to live their faith by service to others and showing kindness and compassion.

“Any actions devoid of mercy and compassion are not of the faith,” she said.

To Muslims maybe, but not to non-Muslims.

Ismail applauded those who attended the event for taking the first step towards opening the door to conversation.

“It is not an easy thing to step outside of our comfort zone and conquer our fears and say yes, I want to learn,” she said.

When do Muslims ever step out of their comfort zone? When has there ever been a “take off your hijab day”? Or a “wear a yamulke day”? Or “go to Catholic mass day”? Never. Muslims make everyone else uncomfortable.

Library Director Chris Carbone emphasized the need for the library to play a role in educating the community as part of its mission.

“It is key for libraries to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas,” said Carbone, “and we wish to continue to celebrate the diversity of our vibrant community.”

Promoting Islam is not an exchange of ideas. 

“This is what a public library should do, force us to have conversation,” said State Assemblyman Jack Ciatterelli, who attended the event. “There is power and beauty in diversity.”

Taxpayers should not be forced to pay to hear about Islam. What power is there in diversity? Empty platitudes as taxpayer money is spent promoting the most violent and hateful of ideologies that has never tolerated beauty or diversity.

State Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, a South Brunswick resident, also praised South Brunswick for coming together as a community. He challenged everyone to step up and speak out against hatred and negative rhetoric.

Zwicker clearly hasn’t read the Koran.

Also in attendance was State Sen. Linda Greenstein, and South Brunswick Township Council Members Jo Hochman and Joseph Camarota Jr.

Baig praised the legislators present for being advocates for justice and humanity, speaking up against racism and discrimination.

Specific dates have yet to be finalized for the remaining events in the continuing community conversations.

Absolutely unheard of for so many public officials to attend a library session on anything…let alone about Islam. South Brunswick residents should be concerned about their elected officials priorities.

Let them know here, Governing Body.

10 thoughts on “New Jersey: South Brunswick Library, Lawmakers Use Taxpayer Funds to Force Islam on Public

  1. I’d be wearing bacon perfume and bring in belts for everyone. Let’s just say all Muslim men need to be castrated especially the Imans.

    • Let’s go a step further…..Islam is not a religion but an insane ideology, obssessed with death, and ruled by Sharia which controls every facet of life. It is direct opposition to the US Constitution and has no place in the civilized world.

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