Muslims attack retirement home founded by Mother Teresa, slaughter 4 nuns, 12 others

Source: 4 nuns, 12 others killed in Yemen elderly home attack –

There are few places in Yemen — homes, schools, hospitals — that haven’t been scarred by the ongoing war ravaging that Arab nation.And now, a home for the elderly run by Catholic missionaries is among them.

The Vatican on Saturday reported the murder of four Missionaries of Charity members plus 12 others at an elderly facility in the port city of Aden.

According to an official Vatican News report, gunmen burst into the building Friday, went room-to-room handcuffing victims, then shot all 16 in the head.

Agenzia Fides, an information service for Catholic missionaries, reported the missionaries — who belonged to the group founded by soon-to-be-sainted Mother Teresa — were nuns. Two were from Rwanda, one from India and the fourth from Kenya.

The attack — characterized by Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin as an “act of senseless and diabolical violence” — spurred a sharp rebuke from Pope Francis.

According to Parolin, the Pope “prays that this pointless slaughter will awaken consciences, lead to a change of heart and inspire all parties to lay down their arms and take up the path of dialogue.”

The former bouncer and current socialist Pope Francis says ‘it is a social fact’ that Europe is seeing an ‘Arab invasion’ – and it’s a GOOD thing.

Since Muslims won’t be laying down their arms or their Korans, the same slaughter and rape jihad occurring in Muslims countries will continue rapidly increasing in Europe and elsewhere.

8 thoughts on “Muslims attack retirement home founded by Mother Teresa, slaughter 4 nuns, 12 others

  1. While the Pope is protecting these type of Muslims – as so is our President, Democrats, & some Republicans by continuing to allow this “savage cult” to continue there killing of Christian’s & family’s!!!! This shows why the American Government shows no concern or regret over the killings as if they killed a Christian them selves. This shows our Government to be some sick SOB’s. They should all be charged with Aiding & Abetting the enemy against our own Country’s Citizens & Christians abroad.

    • He’s not a real pope. Fr. Malachi called him Peter the Roman, and he will cause the destruction of the church, and well Obama Hussein should tell you everything. Have you ever heard of a Christian named Hussein?

  2. sorry mfing bastards; hang they by their balls; this is what happens when we dont stand up to islam/muslim/terrorists. hope our next president will do massive damage to isis, terrorists, and destroy them completely.

  3. What big, strong men these Muslim fighters must be to slaughter old people & nuns! The Pope & the U.S. President are complicit in these murders since they have done little to stop these savages.

  4. Castrate all Muslim men! They are maggots! Castrate them without anesthesia – ha ha. I have read that their intentions are to bring on end of the world. Obama and all liberals are allowing this. Obama is a Muslim. He and the liberal assholes need to be sent on a one way ticket to hell!

  5. It is most distressing to see these muslims doing satanic acts, and displaying satanic religious ideals and then claiming that they are acting in the name of GOD. It has made me believe that the allah means satan. It is well know and fact that obama is a muslim and is practicing Taqiyya the muslim legal art of lying, and it is even more astonishing that the US citizens are surprised when they learn that obama is a registered muslim, yet of course, this has been know as fact for years. With obama installing sharia law, with valarie Jarrett has his Jezebel against the US Citizens and all of them using Taqiyya, the muslim art of lying to their enemy, which is the US Citizens, it is
    from within.

    Obama is the enemy of the US, and valarie Jarrett is the jezebel against the US citizen. We got snookered, and still so many of the US Citizens are in denial and their pride is more important than getting the US country in the correct place. Yes, those that voted for obama do not have the maturity to say, I was wrong, and it is true, obama is a muslim, valarie jarrett is a spy and is the jezebel of obama and has laid out plans to destroy the USA, and just for muslims of which have done very little if anything, for the US, and for that matter for the world.

    It was very good of the famous muslim imam to point out that Obama has lied and that muslims did not do anything for the US, and muslims were not even in the US until the latter half of the 20th century. When obama says that muslims helped create the US and brought in many innovations, it is a lie, thru and thru and thank you imam that gave this information in a recent speech.

    It is important for US Citizens to recognize that obama is the enemy of the US, and it is the enemy within. The US Military took and oath to fight enemies foreign and domestic, ok, where are you military, you took an oath, yet you have abandoned your oath.

  6. Im sure Mother Teresa would forgive these savages for the killing of these nuns. Turning the cheek will only get you more dead nuns. Time to irradicate all fuxxing Muslims from the face of this earth. Afterall they want the same for us don’t they?

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