Dept. of Justice Enforcing Sharia in Public Schools



Criminalizing free speech is about to happen. Well, only if it is construed as anti-Muslim, or anti-Islam. The Department of  Justice is moving swiftly by implementing a new enforcement effort that will follow up any investigations with possible prosecutions for what they say has been backlash to Muslims since 9/11, particularly Muslim Students in public schools.

Department of Justice Civil Rights division head Vanita Gupta states the new crackdown  “Combating Religious Discrimination,” will focus on fighting the harassment and acts of violence towards Muslim children, or children “perceived” to be Muslim while attending school.

Gupta further states “Our schools must remain the places where our children feel safe and supported. The places where they confront differences by building bridges of understanding. And the places where they learn that America guarantees freedom, justice and opportunity for all people — regardless of what you look like, where you come from or which religion you observe.”   Read entire speech here :(

No, school is where children learn, not “build bridges”, unless you are a Muslim whose religious duty is to perform dawa. (Proselytizing Islam) This “effort” isn’t about protecting children of all faiths, this is about forcing Islam to be taught in schools, which has suffered set backs due to parents across the country demanding Islam be taught the same way other religions, specifically Christianity are taught.

Not only is Islam disproportionately represented in textbooks, it is inappropriately instructed, including children repeating the Islamic profession of faith, the Shahada. There is no historical value of children narrating the prayer that is recited when one converts to Islam. Most parents have stated they do not reject students from learning about Islam, but it must be historically accurate, which it is not.

The Department of Justice is way over the line. If Muslims want their children to be immersed in their religion and culture, send them to an Islamic school. But that isn’t the issue at all. The truth is, Islamists want to end free speech. It is Sharia law in action.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton along with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) drafted what they called a “Defamation of Religion Law”, (Un resolution 16/18)  known in countries such as Pakistan as a blasphemy law. Committing blasphemy is punishable by death.

While it may not be as drastic in the West, the mere thought the United States Department of Justice is enacting measures that will lead to possible prosecution for “Islamophobia” is perilous. Enjoy your freedoms, they are coming to an end quickly.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch noticed a similar trend, Feds urge schools to shield Muslim students from harassment:

The focus should not be on educating students about jihad terror and Islamic supremacism, but on teaching them that Muslims are victims of discrimination and harassment who warrant special consideration. The problem with that is that Islamic supremacist advocacy groups such as Hamas-linked CAIR routinely smear legitimate counter-terror efforts as “hateful” and “bigoted,” and work to get them shut down on that basis. This kind of “urging” from the Feds only feeds that mindset and hinders counter-terror operations.

Read the Jihad Watch piece and be forewarned that the terrorist-named CAIR continues to try and get in to public schools all across the U.S. to intimidate your children and indoctrinate them with Islamic propaganda.

Teach your children well.

11 thoughts on “Dept. of Justice Enforcing Sharia in Public Schools

  1. I just want to know–How long are WE gonna put up with this. This Country is being destroyed by a DO NOTHING Congress and American Public!! Free speech and the Constitution are being destroyed right before our eyes!! Where is the (non-existant) OUTCRY? Is this Country EVER gonna wake up? I am beginning to doubt it!!

  2. So, the Dept of Justice will turn the public school system into an Islamic Indoctrination Center. What if a Catholic parent or Jewish parent would demand equal
    treatment of their religion in the public system? FAT CHANCE! I presume this has already started & the citizens were told now as a courtesy. Such Government Workers, as this Gupta dame, is the reason that Americans detest these traitors.

  3. Politicians claim that we have to have the support of Muslims to combat ISIS and other organizations and, for that reason, we shouldn’t say anything negative about them. If there are 1.5 + billion Muslims, why do they not stamp out the radical element (if there is such a thing)? Maybe it’s because they agree with the radicals. We send American citizens to the infected countries to fight their war and their draft dodgers come to the US to practice the same Qu’ran garbage they left behind. It’s time to say ‘no more’ and let them stay over there and fight for themselves. Muslims have nothing we need or want.

  4. I’ve never seen or heard of any muzzie students being harassed or anything else for that matter. There is ONLY 1 place any muzzie should be and that’s back in HELL where they belong with their daddy SATAN.

  5. This is America and we want American Law to be inforced, not Sharia Laws ! This is our4 Country not theirs and they Must Assimilate into Our Culture ! That is what Teddy Roosevet believed and that is how America rolls !! We Americans’ are not going to put up with our Country and Culture being destroyed has Britian’s, Germany’s, Sweden’s and many others’ have been ! We will not allow it ! Any immigrant is welcome in America, as. Long as they assimilate into American Culture and not the other way around !!

  6. Where is our Militia? We Christians need protection from discrimination by Islam. Remove them from our Country by deportation back to where they escaped from and they can do whatever they choose to do. Teach your Islam there and forget about building your mosques to protect terrorists. GO BACK and teach YOUR children about Islam instead of killing by beheading or stoning.

  7. Muslims, TRUE Muslims, are NOT Islams, who appreciate assimilating along side Christians, Catholics, Jewism, Kabal, Atheists, and any other religion. They do not make trouble and never scream false discrimination! True Mislims are respectful,peace loving, against Sharia Law, and appreciate what marvelous opportunities America offers.

  8. MODERATE MUSLIM… I think not! The Radical Muslim wants to behead you … The so called Moderate Muslim wants the Radical Muslim to behead you!
    No such thing as a radical or a moderate Muslim. Just a Muslim who’s answered the call of Allah, the Quran, and Mohamed to kill the infidels and those waiting to receive the call. All Muslims use the same Quran which teaches lying to infidels to advance Islam and killing all non converting infidels. The Koran further teaches them NOT to assimilate with other societies so they will NEVER be good Americans.
    If it were possible for Muslims to coexist there would be churches of all faiths in Mecca ….and there would not be the genocide of other religions in Muslim countries would their? So what is the Bull shit the progressive socialist democrats are spewing about us coexisting with Islam in America? Simple answer for America is to ban ISLAM in America since Islam hates us and has declared war on us the great Satan and vow to overthrow our government and way of life. Why would we allow this vile evil group to remain in our country that openly Hate and seek our destruction. It is insanity to think we can coexist with people that want to kill us and destroy our country. It takes a special kind of IDIOT to believe importing Murdering welfare Recipients in to America is a good idea.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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