Italy: “Migrant” imam arrested for jihad plot on Rome

Source: Italy arrests Somali cleric over alleged plans for Rome attack  h/t The Religion of

Police in southern Italy arrested a 22-year-old Somali imam and asylum seeker on Wednesday on suspicion that he was planning an attack in Rome.

The man was detained at a migrant reception centre in Campomarino, in the region of Molise, a police statement said.

“We have clear technical evidence about the possibility that he was organising an attack in Rome,” chief prosecutor Armando D’Alterio told reporters, releasing transcripts of wiretaps where the unnamed man discussed possible violence.

“Let’s start from Italy, let’s go to Rome and start with the station,” he was quoted as telling a friend. The simplest route was to “equip oneself and blow oneself up”, he said.

Police said he had used his role as an imam to promote the militant groups Islamic State and Somali Islamist group al Shabaab and encourage Muslims to take up jihad, or holy war.

Italian media said police had arrested the man at the so-called “Happy Family” centre because they believed he planned to travel to Rome later on Wednesday.

The police statement said the man had tried to recruit other migrants to travel to Syria for training and believed he wanted to do likewise.

Somali Muslims are among the largest Muslim refugees in the U.S. How many so-called imams are here recruiting jihadists and plotting terror?

No refugees, no illegals, no amnesty. 2016 is a one-issue election. Get it right!

2 thoughts on “Italy: “Migrant” imam arrested for jihad plot on Rome

  1. They came here for what we have. There’s no way we should bow down to what they want. If they want to be here, they need to adapt to our way of life!!

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