Video: The Lies Obama Told at the Terror-linked Mosque in Baltimore

Dave Barton addresses the lies of Barack Obama made at the Mosque in Baltimore on February 1, 2016, where he said “Islam has always been part of America.”Barton scewers the LIES Obama told about Islam and Thomas Jefferson in his speech in this MUST WATCH video


Franklin Graham on Obama’s Mosque Visit: “foundations of this nation have nothing to do with Islam”
Obama had Georgetown U cover “JESUS” but stood proudly under “ALLAH” at Baltimore mosque
Obama’s Mosque Was Home to Muslim Convicted in Plot on Army Recruiting Center
Obama To Visit Maryland Mosque Tied to Muslim Extremists, FEMA Grants & State Dept
Dirty Dozen – President Obama’s model mosque linked to at least 12 jihadis (video)


4 thoughts on “Video: The Lies Obama Told at the Terror-linked Mosque in Baltimore

  1. obama definitely hates America; he has proven that fact daily every day of him being in office. he is the very worst son of a bitch that could have been elected; too bad he didnt create jobs for the 47% and they would be working and supporting themselves instead of depending on the gov’t to pay their way. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH IN THE UNIVERSE

  2. So why is Barton supporting another ineligible to take obama’s place in the white house??? His American history is valid but his politics is as dirty as his choice of candidate. READ: “The Lies of Romney, Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz” Kelleigh Nelson; and
    READ: “Ted Cruz, Common Core, Homeschooling and His Proposed S-306 Bill” Anita Hoge; and
    READ: “Ted Cruz, Henry Kissinger and The Globalists” and
    READ: “Cruz’s Unethical Profiling of Americans” Anita Hoge

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