Wisconsin: More Muslims reject corporate policy, get terminated

Source: WBAY – More Ariens employees terminated over break policy – h/t Free Republic

An additional four Ariens employees have been terminated for not following break policy, according to a company spokesperson.

In total, 11 employees of the Brillion company have been terminated over break policy and 14 have resigned over the issue.

The workers, all Muslims, say the break policy interferes with prayer.

In January, CEO Dan Ariens told employees the company would be enforcing the policy of two scheduled breaks lasting 10 minutes. The company said some non-Muslim workers had raised concerns about other employees taking unscheduled breaks to pray.  Ariens said the company needed to address the issue to minimize the impact on assembly lines.

In February, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) announced it was filing a complaint with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Milwaukee. CAIR says terminated workers should get their jobs back and receive back-pay.

Ariens said he was disappointed in CAIR’s actions and would rather work with his employees directly, not with an outside group.

Twenty-eight Muslim workers have chosen to stay on the job and abide by the break policy, according to a company spokesperson.

Ariens makes outdoor power equipment including snow blowers and lawnmowers.


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4 thoughts on “Wisconsin: More Muslims reject corporate policy, get terminated

  1. Those dirty muslim Pukes and their “prayers”. Satan is the one they worship and obey. They don’t pray to a loving, compassionate Deity, but to the Creature from the depths of Hell, the Devil Itself!

    Kudos to the Brillion company for firing their filthy muzzturd asses!

  2. If non-moslems (read Christians and Jews) take advantage of the prayer times, just like the moslems, this will blow the company and others like it all to hell. A strategy to make the point that exceptions for religious matters are personal, NOT corporate where corporate differs from its workforce. It will bring ECONOMIC pressure on companies and they have access to the political machine in a way the typical citizen does not.

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