Video: Muslims Openly Plotting a Revolution in America

More on this previous post, Terror-linked CAIR: ‘Turn your mosques into registration centers & polling stations to change America’. They are recruiting and using black Americans as pawns for their Islamic revolution.

Muslims have enslaved, and still do, black people and other people of color around the world for hundreds of years. Many posts on the topic in our archives.

Khalilah Sabra – the black convert to Islam urging a Muslim revolution in America was trained by Osama bin Laden’s mentor. She even called bin Laden a visionary.

If the mass importation of Muslims is not stopped, it’s only a matter of time until the U.S. becomes an Islamic nation. It may be 20 or 30 years but your children and theirs will be the ones being killed.

Update: Muslims were part of the planned riot at the Trump rally in St. Louis and Kansas City as @CausingFitna tweeted – video below.

38 thoughts on “Video: Muslims Openly Plotting a Revolution in America

  1. Is anyone surprised by this video? You shouldn’t be! This has been warned about for over 10-years, by people who knew what Islam is and what Muslims want to do!
    Yet … We elected a Muslim president, twice! Watched hole he lied, murdered and destroyed this nation! We the People have the right to Impeach Obama and all like him, but we won’t; the why I just don’t know!

    They just tried to kill Trump in Ohio, the guy has terrorist ties with ISIS, with Bernout, Obama, and God knows who else!

    This is a fight people! Either cut your own throat and die or stand and Fight! OR, learn to live as a slave!

    • I agree with you I too don’t understand how Americans won’t stand up and throw these ppl out of our country along with that long legged Muslim Mac Daddy sitting in our whitehouse. I am just one woman but together we are strong and we are armed. I will fight for my family. My freedoms and Jehovah the real Gid of this Nation. Not allah some fake little god. I will not bend my knee nor accept Sharia law.

        • @ masjustice18. Wow, all I can say is that you are ONE CONFUSED AND HOPELESSLY LOST SOUL! I’ve truly never heard or read more nonsense coming from a muslim–unless it was something that I happened to read in your diabolical koran! You come on this website and you think you can preach “peace and love” from a muslim perspective. Well judging from your writing style and your knowledge of Western culture, I’m guessing you were probably NOT born a muslim! In fact, I’m guessing you are either a Nation of Islam convert or a DUMB college convert kid who hung around with the MUZZLUM thugs on campus! AND NOW YOU REALLY THINK THAT YOU’VE ARRIVED, DON’T YOU? Well here’s a couple of things that you really need to remember–IZZLAM (misspelled on purpose to show deliberate disrespect!)–IZZLAM was invented by a misogynistic, blood-thirsty pedophile who plundered and murdered his way through life, AND HE RESPECTED NO ONE! And being an outspoken woman, such as you are, I assure you, he would have shown NO MERCY on the likes of you! Here’s another little tidbit I would strongly suggest for you–go back to church. You’re never gonna find what you think you want in izzlam–b/c it’s EVIL AND ROTTEN TO THE CORE! You’re building your house on sinking sand!!! Why, oh why, do I think you’ve probably heard those words before????

    • I have been warning of this for years! When Obama was elected not once but twice I told everyone I knew that this guy wants to take us(Americans) from with in! And here we are we have a Anarkist that is shouting orders at us like Hitler did to his people! He is a dangerous man! And if you really study his eyes you can see it! God Protect us all!

    • To those whom misinterpret the intentions of Muslims seeking solidaity to avance the cause of freedom, all I can say is, I know that by asking you to weigh the Muslim and other minority rights as being equal to your own is difficult. It would be, in effect, appealing to your fundamental sense of fair play. Is that a bad thing? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander; we all know that. Fairness is everything. Or is it? Does a bigot leave fairness any room for justice? Does that fairness exist in a vacuum, while justice, on the other hand, cannot? In the bigot’s vacuum world, we’d have to treat a Muslim the same as we’d treat a criminal because of guilt by association. After all, they’ve both performed some of the same spiritual acts; That is what the bigot sees as only fair. In Mr. Bigot’s vacuum world, the terrorist must be treated the same as an innocent Muslim who seeks human rights and democracy. This is the only revolution the Muslims seeks, but Mr. Bigot is too stupid to understand it. Of course; if one delirious and idiotic Muslim has taken a human life, then what’s fair is to destroy all of them. In Mr. Bigot’s ‘s vacuum world, the man who bomb’s an abortion clinic and kills a dozen people, is not as guilty… well, because of his “righteous intentions” Is it fair? Is it just? The benchmark of a civilized society is the quality of its justice. In this society, we put all killers in jail. Other men do not bear the burden of the killer’s sin. Just because a Christian or a Muslim has what he calls a “divine” mission, it doesn’t exempt either from the code of human behavior. When either shoots or bombs the life out of an innocent victim, they have violated that code. Passion for God; however tangible and heartfelt, has rendered them oblivious to the mortality of innocent people. Each killer is responsible for the consequences of their convictions. And just as their God holds them accountable, so should we! What we cannot do is ruin the lives of innocent people because of their faith. As for revolution, is it nothing more than transformation. Not a decade has gone by in our nation’s history in which we did not undergo new experiences and seek new challenges. We were born in a revolution against colonialism, and we have been dedicated ever since to a revolution for freedom and progress.
      So if groups of people are uneasy about our country today, perhaps it is because we must seek change. As long as men are treated with racism, and their children uneducated, and their dreams destroyed by prejudice, the American Revolution will have a part to play. As long as men are not free — in their lives and in their opinions, in their speech and their knowledge we have work to do. We know that our happiness will come not from goods we have, but from the good we do together. Open your eyes to goodness instead or anger and evil. We come in peace.

      Khalilah Sabra, Executive Director
      Muslim American Society
      Immigrant Justice Center

      • Muslims are terrorist savages and BLM members are terrorist thugs and Americans of all colors do not want them here. Take ur BS and move back to ur own country where you belong. Dont make ur home here and spew racism, hate and a uprising with evil intentions to change our Country, burn our flag, rape and enslave women, kill gays, rape children, beastieality, destroy/ruin cities with chaos and riots because America doesn’t want you here get it? Get out of our beautiful country NOW!

        • Another thing, that fucking Burka has no place here in this country. It is not a religeous requirement. It was put on women by weirdo muslim men and it is representative of enslavement, Get it? It is offensive and the fact that you wear one shows me you are weak.

      • There is no where else in the world you could have just said what you said, misinformed and exaggerated as it was. This is the ONLY country on earth that was not born from a dictatorship or tyrant, but of free men and women. The early immigrants came here to escape their countries and assimilated to the American culture. But that’s not what you want. You want us to assimilate to your culture. You have picked the wrong country. The loud-mouth protesters led from our increasingly liberal colleges and universities would have everyone believe that slavery was a U.S. driven economy that has continued to keep people of color in bondage to this day. That’s pure B.S. No people have had more opportunities handed to them in the history of the world, or more money and free stuff given to them to supplement every corner of their lives, and it has never been enough. They don’t want equality. They want superiority. The inconvenient truth is that of the approximate 12 million African slaves traded to the Americas, only about 380,000 were brought to America and those were bought here by the Dutch. The African slave trade was going strong since the 800’s, during which time the Arab Muslims traded goods with the western African kingdoms for approximately 17 million slaves. While slaves were a way of life since the beginning of time, ancient slaves were mostly captured in wars and traded. They were white, black, men, women and children. In fact, there are few people on earth who couldn’t claim they are descended from slaves. But Africa was the only country to trade its own people for goods. While there were always mercenaries, the vast majority of African slaves were voluntarily traded by their own tribes. Very few were taken by force. So if you want to support a movement based on alleged bigotry and racism, America should be the last place to start. If you don’t believe me, first of all, I don’t give a damn, but secondly, look it up. It’s not a secret, but everyone is afraid to say it for fear of being labeled a racist. I’m sick of it so call me what you want. If what the narrative BLM and organizations like them was true, there would be no successful people of color in this country and we know that’s not the case. Stop blaming everyone and everything for your own failures. Get up, get a job, and see how your life can change!

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    • Muslims are terrorist savages and BLM members are terrorist thugs and Americans of all colors do not want them here. Take ur BS and move back to ur own country where you belong. Dont make ur home here and spew racism, hate and a uprising with evil intentions to change our Country, burn our flag, rape and enslave women, kill gays, rape children, beastieality, destroy/ruin cities with chaos and riots because America doesn’t want you here get it? Get out of our beautiful country NOW!

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  4. This will continue to happen because Americans (in name only), the ones who allegedly care, refuse to do anything. As long as Americans have one way left to medicate themselves this will continue. The problem isn’t so much muslims. They are irredeemable. The problem is the condition of the American heart.Soon to be irredeemable.

  5. I just love how much they lie. Looks like they now have the numbers in America. Get ready the attacks will be soon to follow.

  6. This Muslim female Sabra is nothing more than a
    Home Grown Black Banshee. So, the Black Thugs, Latino criminals & Muslim Rapefugees are going to join together to steal the legitimate votes of Americans
    in 2016. This has to be stopped & Now. Yes, CALL IN

  7. You are the followers of a murdering child pedophile woman abusing pervert! The worst man from the day he wrote your killer book! And what we are seeing is Muslims killing everyone non Muslim and yes you might be right. Because people will start fighting back! What you are witnessing in more then a 100 years is people being fed the hell up with all you rapist murdering child molesters!

  8. There’s No Freedom without the Truth. Jesus Christ said, “I AM THE WAY, TRUTH and LIFE. Muslims are Slaves to Islam, but Jesus said, “I NO LONGER CALL YOU SLAVES, BUT FRIENDS!” Dr. King didn’t March for Freedom for BLACKLIVESMATTER to go back into slavey again. Stand with Trump and Rise with Christ far above slavery to Islam slums. Don’t be fools for Islam for “Every Muslim Knee Will Bow n Tongue Confess JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!” Jesus is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Muslims deny, that’s why they lack wisdom, for Christ is WISDOM WORD MADE FLESH. God Bless America and convert slaves choosing to be ignorant. SHARIAH LAW ENSURES ISLAMIC SLAVES GO STRAIGHT TO HELL, BREAKING 10 COMMANDMENTS set down by Moses in Stone. Blessed Virgin Mother of God, Word made Flesh Incarnate Only Begotten Son, Jesus our Lord and Savior, STANDS ON THE CRESCENT MOON OF ISLAM!
    RCIA is an invitation to receive Wisdom made flesh John 6: 53-56. Why be a slave to lies, when Christ left us His Church, THE HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC SEE.
    With Jesus Crucified,

  9. Muslims are only 0.9 percent of the U.S. They are lairs and are even worse then the democrats that fought to keep them in slavery Muslims to this day still have slaves.

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