Bernie Sanders Supporter Who Attacked Trump Starred in (Hoax) ISIS Video

Source: UPDATES – Trump Ohio Attacker, Tommy DiMassimo, Featured In ISIS Propaganda Videos 2015 – Bernie Sanders Supporter… | The Last Refuge


#FeelTheBern Stars in ISIS Propaganda Video

An attempted physical attack on Donald Trump took place earlier today in Dayton Ohio – DETAILS HERE – The attacker was identified as Tommy DiMassimo.

A student of Wright University in Dayton Ohio, Tom Dimassimo is a progressive leftist thug who has participated in various protests including flag burning

By his own admissions DiMassimo is self-identified as an activist with Black Lives Matter, and various left-wing social justice groups.  In addition he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter.

However, shocking new video has now surfaced of Tommy DiMassimo also participating in ISIS propaganda videos, and possibly being a part of their anti-U.S. agenda.  This video was uploaded in May 2015.  You can see DiMassimo is the principal subject within the video which begins with him dragging a flag and talking to the camera operator:

It appears Tommy DiMassimo deleted the YouTube account associated with the video in an effort to hide the content.  However, an alternate and identical copy (for educational purposes) is available here (click and scroll down):

22-year-old activist Tommy DiMassimo goes under “@younglionking7” for a twitter handle.

Bernie Sanders Supporter

He was arrested and someone posted bail for him.

PS: Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Clinton and others are blaming Donald Trump for the attacks on his life. Expect this type of violence on a much wider scale should Clinton or Sanders steal the election.

Update: (unverified) Black Trump supporter shot and killed by Chicago protesters

More:  Thomas Dimassimo: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The video seems to have been created by a troll, the same person who started a Facebook page called “Tommy dimassimo wasn’t hugged enough as a kid.”

The Arabic caption on the original video appears to be a joke, including a phrase that roughly translates to saying Dimassimo thought he’d be a big man by standing on the American flag, but really has a small penis.

Dimassimo is originally from Powder Springs, Georgia. He is a fourth-year acting major at Wright State.

According to, Dimassimo was a child actor with roles on the TV shows “Yes, Dear,” “Reno 911!,” and “House of Payne.”

In 2015, he played the role of “Killer Cop” in a short film called “Red, Black, and Blue.”

His mother, Faye Dimassimo, was appointed to oversee the “Renew Atlanta” infrastructure project in November 2015, according to a press release. She was previously the director of transportation for Cobb County. His father, Tom, is a teacher in the local school district.

4 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Supporter Who Attacked Trump Starred in (Hoax) ISIS Video

  1. I saw the entire video & this Muslim or muslim Wannabe, was certainly the star. Tommy is the Professional student who meant to harm DONALD TRUMP, & very nearly succeeded. Close down that
    Wright University in the Dayton area, because the
    Educrats are urging these Black thugs to destroy our country. These murderous leftists are coming out of
    their holes to commit mayhem, & Donald must have his
    OWN guards, these GOV hacks are useless.

  2. glad Donald has the means to protect himself as he surely could not count on the government, especially since he isn’t a democrat.
    i agree, any place the muzzies can get a foothold there they go then to create havoc whenever they want. this news should be on the front pages; isis is already infiltrated in our country, yet, dummie pres willnot do anything about it; of course not, he is one of them.

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