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  1. isis is islam period; just like the pope is catholic; i personally believe that mohammad is a figment of someone’s imagination, probably a pedophile for sure.

  2. Sophia is a Greek name, so I am wondering if that Sophia was a Greek woman.

  3. CREEPING, IF and WHEN you have A CHANGE OF MIND AND HEART about ALL of the things I wrote to you about then feel free to contact me BY E-MAIL and let me know of THE CHANGES on this website until then I AM ABANDONING THIS WEBSITE now.

    1 LESS PERSON now to HELP and SUPPORT you in your mission on this website all because of your STUBBORNESS, STUPIDITY, BAD WILL, and 0 RESPECT FOR JESUS CHRIST ( and therefore 0 RESPECT FOR CHRISTIANS AND CHRISTIANITY too ) .


    So I guess that eventually ISLAM WILL TAKE OVER THE U.S.A and all of us THAT DO NOT WANT TO CONVERT TO ISLAM WILL BE KILLED AT THE HANDS OF MUSLIMS since we can NEVER EVER respect each other ( even if WE DON’T AGREE or WE DON’T BELIEVE THE SAME , WE ARE NOT OF THE SAME RACE / ETHNICITY etc ), treat each other DECENTLY AND CIVILIZED AND POLITE, COOPERATE with each other TO GET SOMETHING DONE ( like your mission on this website ), not even if THE FUTURE OF THIS NATION and OUR FREEDOM and OUR LIVES ( LITERALLY OUR LIVES even ) really depend on it !

  4. And are you even aware yet of THE PRINCE WILLIAM ISLAMIC CENTER ( PWIC ) , they even have A WEBSITE, why is that not mentioned anywhere on this website ? The PWIC LOGO even has PHALLUSES or A PHALLUS in it if you pay attention you should see it ( PHALLUS WORSHIP is OCCULT ), that’s why you see PHALLUS IMAGES in music videos ( I have seen them myself in different music videos ) and WALT DISNEY ( A SATANIST ) STUFF ( the original cover of THE LITTLE MERMAID VHS had PHALLUSES hidden in the castles on the cover, I used to have that little mermaid vhs ).

    I looked at THE PWIC website and it says on the website that they HAVE SUNDAY SCHOOL for children ! ( YES SUNDAY SCHOOL ! ) Now since when is SUNDAY SCHOOL a ISLAMIC THING ?!!!

  5. Maybe THE ANTI CHRIST THAT IS STILL TO COME mentioned IN THE NEW TESTAMENT BOOK OF REVELATION really will have something to do with ISLAM ( GOD PLEASE HELP US ! ) , as some people have already THEORIZED, all kinds of info and videos about THE ISLAMIC ANTI CHRIST theory is online.

  6. Ken Peters – I saw THE TRIBULATION ( Full Version ) – YouTube

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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