Minnesota: Sharia police attempt to criminalize free speech supposedly overheard in retail store

Islam is not a race. Discussing the threat of the Islamic State is not illegal. Islamophobia is a farce. But this is how those who would be the first killed in Muslim lands – gays, liberals, atheists – want to infringe on your rights.

Source: Allegations Of Islamophobia Against Waite Park Store | KNSI News in St. Cloud, Minnesota h/t stary

Mar 16, 2016 at 12:15 pm

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (KNSI) – A St. Cloud group focused on stamping out racism is alleging instances of Islamophobia at a local store.

Unitecloud says a worker at Menards in Waite Park was overheard talking with a customer about how dangerous Muslims are, and that they are “only pretending to be peaceful to bide their time until they can hurt people.”

The customer who overheard the conversation on Tuesday told the worker she would like to continue shopping without hearing hate speech.

The two people talking then moved a few feet away to continue their conversation, according to Unitecloud.

Unitecloud says after it reported this instance of Islamophobia several people have come forward to report other bigoted acts by local and corporate Menards employees like anti-LGBT and anti-immigrant language in corporate newsletters.

A local Muslim woman says she was accused of being a terrorist because she bought some fertilizer for her yard.

Unitecloud is calling on Menards to denounce this pattern of behavior and provide employees with sensitivity training.

A manager at the Menards in Waite Park said he has no comment at this time and is looking into the allegations.

Contact Menards and tell them to defend the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.


Some background you can send them:

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14 thoughts on “Minnesota: Sharia police attempt to criminalize free speech supposedly overheard in retail store

  1. While I don’t support the suppression of free speech, if I were Maynards, I’d fire the worker for talking about any subject other than what products the customer wants to buy.

    • You can’t say you support the1st Amendment and then call for firing the employee because of a conversation that was unrelated to a store product. Suppression of speech, even by those wanting to kill us, is protected by our Constitution. Liberals would love to suppress all independent thinking and turn us all into mindless zombies. The use of the word liberal is not appropriate in describing these intolerant bigots. Sharia law has no place in our nation and those supporting it should leave here and live in some miserable sewer that is ruled by this abomination.

      • The first amendment only protects against government censorship. It doesn’t protect employees of a private corporation spouting hate speech, especially while on the job. This is really no different than spouting anti-Semitic speech, so why should it be more acceptable? People like you are confusing free speech with consequence-free speech.

        BTW, this story had absolutely nothing to do with sharia law.

        • @Andrew. You lack the insight to see that Sharia law forbids anything it disagrees with. Sharia frowns on anything even emitting a hint of individuality. So, in response to your comment, this is how the implementation of Sharia happens…seemingly innocuous but deadly.
          On your next comment…..We do have the right to freedom of speech and not just on a government level. How would you account for the numerous people expressing their opinions on a site such as this without fear of repercussion? Speaking the truth is not hate speech except to those who want the truth to remain hidden. Try reading the last 2 chapters of the unholy qu’ran and then familiarize yourself with taqiyya, tawriyya, muruna, kitman and then get back to us.

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  3. Orwellian times we live in if we have to worry about Shariah police lurking around corners. The anti-blasphemy Shariah laws are beginning to be implemented. What will be next? Women wearing hajib? The sexes being separated in groups?

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  5. Better speak up and out or those wishing to change our nation and bring it back to the stone age will succeed. Sharia is incompatible with the western way of life. It has no place in civilized societies. There may be much more that needs to be done but it far exceeds the misery and suffering that this ideology embraces. No wonder it’s a death cult. Would any sane person want to live under such oppression?

  6. eavesdropping on others conversations is not exactly the best thing to be doing, unless your just looking for trouble.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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