You Are Ahead of Your Time

Source: Citizen Warrior: You Are Ahead of Your Time

You try to tell your friends simple facts about Islam and they often reject it, argue with you, and judge you harshly. Is that because you are a bigot? A racist? A hater?

No. It’s because you are ahead of your time.

Someday, because of what you do, those who come after you will understand what you now understand, and those who know you will realize you were one of the brave ones who helped expose Islam for what it is when it was an unpopular opinion.

I just finished watching the movie, Suffragette. It’s about women in Britain, early in the 1900s, fighting for the right to vote. British women had been peacefully trying to get the vote for 50 years already. Everyone was against them and the goal seemed impossible. They got no coverage in the press. The idea that women should be able to vote was suppressed. The suffragette’s voice and message was silenced, and no amount of effort seemed to make any headway.

And then some of them ran out of patience. They began to push harder for it. And their cause began to get some coverage in the newpapers, but as one woman said in the movie, “The press does nothing but scorn and mock us.”

Does that sound familiar?

Women were fired for their participation in the movement — fired, blackballed, beaten, arrested, and even tortured (force fed by shoving a tube up their nose and down their throat to prevent their hunger strike from killing them).

But those few who were committed to the cause carried on, and more and more people joined them. Now it seems ridiculous that women weren’t allowed to vote. It’s hard to believe so many people — even including many women — were rigidly and adamantly against the idea.

If we stay strong and keep speaking up, the same will happen with us: More and more people will join us. And in the future it will seem ridiculous that anyone ever thought Islam was a religion of peace.

And as we’ve said before at Creeping Sharia:

“Better to be wrongly called an Islamophobe today, than become a dhimmi, or be dead, tomorrow.”

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9 thoughts on “You Are Ahead of Your Time

  1. It’s important to remind people that, when so many people are uncomfortable because the topic is not politically correct or the realization about the enormity of the problem is “not convenient” for them, so they remain in denial. Thanks.

  2. I tried to enter Citizen Warrior and have twice been blocked from access (on my private computer) This is the first time I have ever been blocked from a site. so my question is who is doing the blocking and how do I work around the block?

    • You might find there is link to press to continue to this dodgy! site. I got one yesterday with my provider, I just pressed the ‘I know the risks, take me there link’

      See if there is one on the warning page you get.

  3. I was thinking just that the other day! We are ahead of our time! Won’t the masses be surprised when what we have been saying comes true! They should listen to us now instead of looking at us like we have lost our minds!

  4. “In the future it’ll be ridiculous that anyone thought of Islam as a religion of peace.” (The article’s closing sentence). But as things are going now and at the pace, in the future, Islam will mean peace–a word which ISLAM defines as “a global caliphate with no more infidels.”….. Okay, discouraging, but for me here now, also a good. For, the article re-invigorates me to ALL THE MORE to CONTINUE ON with my own efforts toward more public awareness!…

  5. So true… I got into an argument with my sister over the same thing. She doesn’t believe me now and called me a bigot/racist, but when the time comes, she’ll see it for herself. :(

  6. Yep I know how this goes. I keep warning my friends & family and all of them just blankly stare at me and think “Well there goes Keith again, ranting and raving about muslims again”. Gee won’t they be the ones with egg on their face when the muzzies prove me to be correct in what I’ve been telling them.

  7. Suffragettes weren’t about equality and there were equal numbers of women against them. The proto-feminist comparison is a poor one.

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