Swedish Police Chief tells girls: ‘Don’t go out after sunset or you’ll be raped or worse’ (by Muslim migrants)

Or more accurately, Muslim invaders.

More via “Never Seen Anything Like This Before” – Sweden Stunned At “Unreal” Surge In Refugee Sex Attacks

As the Mail reports, the infamous town of Östersund which is now a no-go zone for women after eight, has seen a surge in sex attacks in just the past three weeks. The most troubling recent examples:

  • February 20: Two ten-year-old girls were groped by a group of adult men. Police say the men surrounded the girls at a bus station and started to touch them while threatening to rape them. Adults saw what was happening and intervened before the men escaped.
  • February 21: A women was walking alone at midnight in the town centre when a man passing by made sexual remark. The woman responded by calling him an ‘idiot’. He punched her, splitting her eyebrow and threatened to kill her. He was interrupted by passers-by and fled.
  • February 26: A women walking to work near the university was attacked by three men, beaten and pushed to the ground. They held her down and forced their fingers into her mouth while saying offensive, sexual words to her. Taleb Moafagh, 22, was arrested over the incident.
  • February 27: Police saw men surround a group of women and grope them outside a nightclub. When police tried to intervene, a drunken brawl broke out between men coming out of the club and the sex attackers fled.
  • March 2: Two women walking home from a bar were stopped by a group of men who told them: ‘Girls should not be out at this time of the night’ – before pushing them into a corner and groping them, then wandered off, laughing.
  • March 5: A woman walking by herself was threatened by a man in passing car, who screamed at her he would get his friends to ‘rape and murder’ her. When she ran off, he chased her but she managed to get to her apartment before he reached her.
  • March 6: A women walking home alone was whistled at by a man. When she told him to stop, he hit her in the head with his fist. She fell down and he punched her a second time, pushed her head into the snow and screamed at her he would rape and kill her before fleeing.
  • March 6: The same day another woman was walking home from a restaurant was attacked by three men. She was hit in the stomach by two of the men and shoved to the ground. A third man began undoing her trousers, but she managed to hit him in the head with her elbow. He started bleeding and fled. She later told police she was trained in martial arts – a skill police say saved her from being raped.

For their part, the police in Östersund (with a population of 45,000) say they have never seen anything like this before.

Stephen Jerand, the county police commissioner, admitted police in the town are struggling to cope adding that the surge in attacks “seem unreal.” He said that ‘we called the press meeting this Monday because we have seen an accelerating development here.

Stephen Jerand, the county police commissioner

“‘This is a small town where groups of men are attacking women during the night. We wanted to warn the public and urge women not to walk home on the streets in the central part of the town after dark, because it is not safe.”

“The situation is tense. We have never experienced anything like this before. It is almost unreal. Eight attacks and just three this last weekend. This is a quiet part of Sweden where we barely have had any attacks on women and now this.” Officers are confident they will catch the perpetrators and say victims claim their attackers were of ‘foreign origin’.
So far only one man, whose nationality is unknown, has been arrested.

Taleb Moafagh, 22, was caught allegedly attempting to flee to Germany on board a ferry in southern Sweden. He was detained in connection to an attack on February 26.

For those living in the town surrounded by mountains, 350 miles north-west of Stockholm, there is no doubt where to find these criminals: among the migrant men who have arrived in droves in recent months, forcing them off the streets of the town they call home. An asylum centre has opened 10km outside the town holding 900 refugees, mostly from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

Many within the community have blamed the migrants for the attacks. Police have not released any nationalities of suspects but have admitted victims described their attackers as men of ‘foreign origin‘.

Commissioner Jerand added: “We have had a lot of problems with immigration. It strikes our resources really hard. We are often called out to asylum centres.

‘We see increasing violence towards women and children at the centres and do not really have the resources to cope with everything.’

The string of assaults began on February 20, when the two young schoolgirls were groped.

Fortunately, a number of adults saw what was happening and intervened – but the attackers fled from the scene before police could arrive.

Other incidents include women being molested outside a nightclub, a group of women walking home being groped by a laughing mob of men, and a woman being told she would be raped and murdered.

Even before this week’s warning, the women and teenagers who live in the city were too terrified to walk alone at night, telling MailOnline the situation has got ‘out of hand’.

For a more complete listing of the Muslim crimes as Sweden tightens the noose around its own neck, read One Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Sweden: January 2016.

9 thoughts on “Swedish Police Chief tells girls: ‘Don’t go out after sunset or you’ll be raped or worse’ (by Muslim migrants)

  1. It’s a small town, and they can’t protect their women? Any of these women could’ve solved the freaking problem if they had a damned carry permit. But I guess lefttards in Sweden now think women should let themselves be victimized to keep PC alive.

    Leftists are simply repulsive. The goat rapists should hook up with them. Together, their IQs wouldn’t reach room temperature.

    • We have 8 parties in our “riksdag”. 7 of them consists solely of traitors. Had women not been allowed to vote, the 8th would have been the ruling party.

      Obviously we have different gun laws in Sweden than in the US, there is no “carry permit” available, but fact remains that the people that mainly urge for the invasion (of Muslims, Gypsies, Africans and similar “people”) are women. The few men (real ones) that still exist in Sweden, we are not willing to sacrifice ourselves for people that want to be raped, want to die and want to destroy our country. In fact, if we try to stop a rape or a murder, we most likely will be sentenced by our political courts (hard to explain, but imagine that the Democrats and the Republicans were the ones that decided which individuals that should sit in a jury, and you would start to realize how f*cked up our legal system is).

      Oh, and the worst party in Sweden, the ones that did the absolute most damage…are not left (not even by American standards really), but capitalists. Their goal is to destroy the welfare state and build a new system, with high crime and cheap labor (their leader, the worst traitor in the history of mankind, Fredrik Reinfeldt) even wrote a book about it prior to becoming Prime Minister, so we knew what he would do to us given the chance…and still these pathetic gender neutral nobodies voted for him.

  2. The attackers need to have actions taken so that they are unable to leave the scene of the attack either permanently or until they are able to be apprehended.

  3. and why is the city not being purged through deportation of these cretins???
    women should be safe in their city; they were there first

    lock up the cretins or deport them

  4. This may help explain: ”Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.” — Qur’an 4:34

  5. Why do we continue to allow these sub-human muzzie POS to walk the Earth!!!!! We need to send every one of them back to HELL with their daddy SATAN.

  6. Looks like a time for Sweden to REVOLT against “Leaders” that cannot protect their own people! Lead is cheap; I suggest Sweden do a quick reduction of population (of mideast horny men) real quick to save their women.

  7. Thanks for warning the women to stop living the lives they’ve known to appease the PC Left. Now find your balls and go out and destroy this trash. They have nothing to offer their victimized nations of choice except low IQ’s, irrational fear of pork, financial drain on the economy and explosive hate for inferior nonbelievers.Other than that thuese are pretty great people, said no one with even impaired judgment.Watching Europe being destroyed by this garbage is beyond comprehension. Why are they allowing it and the leaders get away with this? Insanity is epidemic. Deport deport deport. Take them out to sea, drop themin a bacon filled raft and watch them jump overboard. Situation handled.

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