Belgium: Muslim terror attack at main airport: 34 killed and 200+ wounded in two bombings

French PM: ‘We are at war’

Will any other leader recognize this fact and take the necessary action? Fifteen years of war against us suggests the answer is no.  Source: Brussels explosions: 34 killed and 170 wounded in two attacks as terrorists ‘remain at large’ – live – Telegraph

At least 34 people have been killed and 170 injured after coordinated bomb attacks on the main airport and the Metro system brought terror to Brussels today.

The attacks, condemned as “blind, violent and cowardly” by Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, came after the arrest in the city last week of terror mastermind Salah Abdeslam, who plotted November’s Paris atrocity from the notorious Molenbeek suburb of Brussels.

Responding to the attacks, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said: “We are at war. In Europe we have been subjected to acts of war for several months.”

Belgian foreign minister Didier Reynders warned: “We fear that people are still at large.”

David Cameron hit out at “inappropriate” attempts to link the terror attacks to the debate on Britain’s future in the EU, adding that the countries of Europe need to “stand together against these appalling terrorists and make sure they can never win”. [but the Muslims are winning and Cameron’s inaction is helping them]


A suicide bomber struck first near the American Airlines desk at Brussels airport at about 8am local time (7am GMT), with local media reporting that shots were fired amid shouting in Arabic.

The explosion on the Metro was near European Union buildings and the US embassy around an hour later.

Flemish broadcaster VTM reported that an unexploded explosive belt was later found by police at the airport. And RTBF is reporting that a Kalashnikov automatic rifle has been found in the departure hall.

As the city went into lockdown:

  • The Brussels mayor said 20 people were killed following the explosion at Maelbeek metro station, while 14 died in a suicide attack at the airport
  • The number of injured people in both attacks is believed to be 170
  • Downing Street said one British national is known to have been injured at the airport
  • Police forces across the UK increased their presence at key locations as a precaution
  • Britons in Brussels were advised by the Foreign Office to avoid crowded places and public transport

The attack on the Metro came about an hour later.

Evan Lamos tweeted a picture of passengers climbing from his train into the tunnel near Maelbeek station, saying: “We are being evacuated from the back of the Metro.

“Smoke in the tunnel as we evacuate.”

Belgian public broadcaster VRT has raised the death toll from the attacks in Brussels to 34, with 20 people killed in the blast on a Metro train and 14 in explosions at the airport. Around 151 others are also believed to have been injured.

Belgian public broadcaster VRT is reporting that police have found a kalashnikov assault rifle next to a dead attacker at Brussels Airport.

Meanwhile, private broadcaster VTM reports that police have discovered a non-exploded suicide bomb belt at the airport.

Two suspected terrorists named by Belgian police as accomplices to November’s Paris attacks are likely to be the focus of investigations as to who was responsible for the triple blasts at Brussel’s airports and metros.

Najim Laachraoui and Mohamed Abrini are still on the run following police raids that led to the capture of Salah Abdeslam, the lead Paris attacker, in Brussels on Friday.

One theory is that they may have launched Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels on the assumption that police interrogation of Abdeslam would have given police leads as to their own whereabouts.

Peter Foster and Colin Freeman have more details here.

French PM: ‘We are at war’

At a press conference, Mr Michel called the attacks “blind, violent and cowardly”.

He added: “We must face this challenge in solidarity, united, together.”

Meanwhile, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has described the Brussels bombings as an “act of war”.

“We are facing a particularly serious threat. We are at war. In Europe we have been subject for several months to acts of war.”

The attack at Zaventem airport is believed to have been centred on the American Airlines departures desk.

An American Airlines spokesman said: “We are aware of an incident at the Brussels airport departure hall and are taking care of our customers, employees and contractors. At this time, all of our employees and contractors are accounted for with no reported injuries.

“American Airlines flight 751 has been cancelled for today. When operations at the airport resume, we will re-accommodate our customers.”

Update: At Least 9 Americans Among the Wounded in Brussels Attack

Officials revealed details Tuesday on at least nine Americans wounded in the deadly explosions at the Brussels airport and a subway station in the city, with one of the victims identified as a member of the U.S. military.

The unnamed U.S. service member and five of his relatives were wounded and “some are critical,” a defense official told Fox News. U.S. officials told The Associated Press the officer is a lieutenant colonel.

U.S. European Command said it would not release details of the service member’s injuries due to privacy concerns.

More: Donald Trump On Brussels Attack: ‘The Terrorists Are Totally Winning’

When asked how the United States prevents this type of attack—and prevents the devaluing of western and U.S. culture by installing pockets of non-assimilated people like the community in Stockholm, Sweden, that now is called “Little Mogadishu” from popping up—Trump quadrupled down on his call for a temporary ban on all Muslim migration.

“By not allowing the people in,” he said. “That’s how you prevent it, not allowing the people in. There has to be a moratorium.”

Dozens of posts in the Creeping Sharia archives on Belgium and its demise. All of Europe and America will follow unless immigration of Muslims is halted and the sharia/jihad supporting Muslims who defend the terrorists are deported.

5 thoughts on “Belgium: Muslim terror attack at main airport: 34 killed and 200+ wounded in two bombings

  1. ….and, showing great “leadership,” Obama not only keeps his fat mouth shut, he plans to bring even more of these creeps into the U.S. The Muslim-in-Chief should be brought up on charges and/or impeached. You won’t read anything about it in the corrupt national liberal press.

  2. There is no plausible reason to bring more Muslims into the U.S, but it makes a difference to the politicians who are greedy for votes and who are so liberal that they feel the need to allow ANYONE (regardless of their history of violence and murder, not only in Europe, but here) to enter the country. Can/will they work? Do they have any skills? Will they put the country in jeopardy because of their jihadist beliefs? Will they assimilate into the American culture, or stay as a separate enclave within the country? Will they learn our language? Will they be put immediately on welfare? What logic dictates that they be brought into the country, even ahead of those who have applied legally and who have had to wait at times for years for admittance into the U.S.?

    Now….how can I even ask those questions? We all know Islam is a “religion of peace,” and authors such as Ann Corcoran should be ashamed for opening our eyes. After all, there are some things that are better being left unsaid, and we definitely don’t want to make ISIS mad at us!

    We should follow our President’s fine leadership, just keep our mouths and minds closed, welcome our wonderful neighbors from the east, stay out of skyscrapers—especially in NYC—stock up on bottled water, and make sure the gun safe holds a proper supply of ammo.

  3. French PM Valls: “we are at war!”
    Took them long enough to realize that, but they still don’t know what to do about it.

    What to do? First, cut of ALL benefits, chaos would ensue, but eventually it must anyway.
    Second, round them up–yes, all the moslems in France, and third:
    Extradition to the M.E. or North African country of their choice.

    And no, I don’t want to hear the nonsense about not being able to round them up–the U.S. and Canada rounded up the Japanese during WW2.

    We ARE at war!

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