Michigan: Muslim lawyer attacks Roseville police officer in court

Source: Defense attorney punches Roseville police officer in court – WXYZ.com  h/t Shoebat

In a wild turn of events at 39th District Court on Wednesday, a defense attorney punched a Roseville police officer.

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) – In a wild turn of events at 39th District Court on Wednesday, a defense attorney punched a Roseville police officer.

According to police, Nijad Georges Mehanna was in court representing a person charged in a drug case. He had “words” with the officer in charge of the case over his access to a co-defendant of Mehanna’s client.

Witnesses told police both the officer and Mehanna “exchanged insults” when Mehanna walked up to the officer, pushed him and tried to push past the officer and into a restricted area.

Police say when Mehanna was blocked in the office area, he punched the officer in the face, and then threw “several more punches before being wrestled to the ground by the officer involved.”

The officer suffered several loose teeth, a fat lip and bloody nose.

According to police, Mehanna was charged with Assaulting a Police Officer and Assault and Battery. He will be arraigned on those charges Thursday afternoon.

7 Responses

  1. As Muslims grow in number, through high birth rates and mass immigration, the results are always the same. The native culture, people, and civilization are annihilated and totally replaced by Islam and Sharia law, he adds.

    http://www.independentsentinel.com/heres-how-stealth-sharia-works-in-a-quick-easy-lesson/ .

  2. …and I hope that the Muslim piece of bloody pork (from the pig’s hind end) suffers the additional punishment of a very large amount of money damages in a subsequent civil law suit. If Muslim leaders are so “peaceful,” where are their voices to decry the ongoing Muslim outrages going on both Europe and the U.S.? I have heard NOTHING!

  3. Under Sharia law Muslim attorneys are allowed to assault infidel policemen any time they like……oh wait….under Sharia law all policemen are Muslims…..and infidels have no rights whatsoever…..silly me.

  4. islam will NEVER accept the laws and rules of America; to them it is their way or the highway; they are well brainwashed from the vulgar imam to the madrassas; they have to be stopped and NOW. I agree no more muslims allowed in our country, they multiply like rabbits, more than the mormons and catholics who are non-violent.

    this lawyer should be put away; he is a piece of shit.

  5. I hope to read in the near future that this piece of filth has had his law license rescinded!

  6. The lawyer, a Moslem has a “divine” right to attack and abuse a non-Moslem. This is the teaching of Mohammed’s Islam, found in the Koran.

  7. 30 days in the slammer and forget bread and water. Feed it pork and beans.

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