Minnesota: “Muslim Day at the Capitol” held day after deadly Brussels jihad

Creeping. The day after Muslims killed 32 innocent civilians including several Americans, wounding more than 200, in a well-coordinated attack on American Airlines, elected officials met with Muslims organized by terror-linked Islamic organization MAS. (also read Imprisoned US Brotherhood Leader Testifies that Muslim American Society (MAS) is the Muslim Brotherhood)

To add insult to injury it was not held at the Capitol nor a mosque but in a local church.

Gov. Mark Dayton was among those who addressed participants in the 12 annual Muslim Day at the Capitol ceremonies that kicked off in the basement of Christ Lutheran Church Wednesday, March 23, 2016, in St. Paul, MN.

Gov. Mark Dayton was among those who addressed participants in the 12 annual Muslim Day at the Capitol ceremonies that kicked off in the basement of Christ Lutheran Church Wednesday, March 23, 2016, in St. Paul, MN.

Source: Minnesota GOP chairman reaches out to Muslims at Capitol – StarTribune.com

A “Muslim Day at the Capitol” event in St. Paul took a fresh turn Wednesday when Minnesota GOP Chairman Keith Downey took the stage to address controversial remarks about Muslims by Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

He said that while any proposal from presidential candidates to explain their approach to terrorism must not violate people’s freedom of religion, it’s also important not to squelch debate by violating candidates’ right to free speech.

This year’s annual Muslim event follows deadly attacks in Brussels by Islamic terrorist group ISIS and calls from Trump and Republican rival Ted Cruz for closer scrutiny of Muslims to protect the country from dangerous extremists. Last month, Gov. Mark Dayton and other business and political leaders placed ads calling prejudice against Muslims “un-Minnesotan.” No current Republican officeholders signed the ad.

The GOP chairman, who spoke at the event for the first time, quoted extensively from letters he exchanged with Asad Zaman, the executive director of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota and an organizer of the discussion. Downey told the audience that three-quarters of Americans don’t trust the government to protect them from a terrorist attack “and the political debate occurring in this context unfortunately is severely hampered by a lack of knowledge about Islam and the Muslim community in America.”

Noting that his organization renounced Trump’s proposals on Muslims, Downey added that “there should also be an equally informed … affirmation by leaders of the Muslim community that they support our nation’s constitutional principles …of religious liberty and specifically renounce any attempts to replace our constitutional system with sharia law.”

Downey said it is an important time for Muslim leaders to show that their goals are “to integrate into American society and our constitutional system while maintaining your ethnic and religious distinctiveness” and embracing a culture of religious freedom.

He said many Americans are asking basic questions about Islam “in good will.” He ticked them off: What are the spectrum of theological threads within Islam? What is the range of thought regarding sharia law, ISIS and the Caliphate? Do the tenets of Islam allow it to exist within the U.S. Constitution?

Downey pushed back against a claim comparing Trump’s ascendency to the rise of Hitler, stressing the right to free speech and saying that while he opposed the candidate’s policies, it was speculative to declare that he was filled with hate and bigotry. He added that attacking an opponents’ character and motivations is “the very antithesis of civil discourse.”

Mohammed Dukuly, an imam at a Brooklyn Center mosque, condemned the terrorist attack in Brussels and told the crowd that Muslim leaders would ask lawmakers to speak out against Islamophobia. He said they should encourage legislators to come to their worship centers to and teach them about the Muslim faith. But while Dukuly praised Downey’s speech afterwards, he said he disagreed with his assertion that Trump’s remarks about Muslims should be protected as free speech and said political leaders must represent all people.

“Everybody should have the right to say what they want to say …but when it comes to saying something that creates havoc and brings destabilization among people, those things should not be considered freedom of speech,” Dukuly said.

Downey said after his talk that most Minnesotans don’t have any experience with Muslims “so my challenge to people of the Muslim community is to clearly articulate for folks that their intent is not to come to America to overthrow the constitutional system and replace it with the sharia system and give people the confidence that the Muslim faith can exist within our constitutional system just like the other faiths have for hundreds of years.”

Downey said the Republican Party is working on more outreach to Muslim voters and plans leadership training sessions later this spring aimed at not only Muslims, but also members of ethnic minority groups, women and millennials.

Zaman said it’s important for Muslims to talk with politicians of both parties at the Capitol.

“It’s very important that both sides are talking …the conversation is not exactly where we want it, but I’m glad we’re having the conversation,” he said.

Still, a list of 28 legislators scheduled to meet with Muslim constituents Wednesday included just four Republicans: Sen. Warren Limmer, Rep. Joyce Peppin, Rep. Tara Mack and Rep. Tim Sanders. “It wasn’t for lack of trying,” said Zaman.

Apparently Muslims killing Americans less than 24 hours prior is not reason to postpone “Muslim Day at the Capitol.” 


14 thoughts on “Minnesota: “Muslim Day at the Capitol” held day after deadly Brussels jihad

  1. I have no idea what it will take, other than complete islamic domination, for people to wake up. The tenets of islam forbid assimilation and de-
    mand total submission to this ideology, posing as a religion that is governed by Sharia Law. Muslims believe they’re superior to all others and must impose their will either willingly or forcefully. Sharia Law is not compatible with the Constitution and is not compatible with any
    civilized society. If this is offensive to any muslim, too bad. They are all free to leave. They do have an obligation to honor the law of this land and if that is not possible they have the right to leave and go to some nation that follows Sharia.Stop the madness and stop trying to reason with rocks.

  2. “He said that while any proposal from presidential candidates to explain their approach to terrorism must not violate people’s freedom of religion, it’s also important not to squelch debate by violating candidates’ right to free speech.”

    “Freedom of Religion” does not mean that terrorism should be allowed to be hidden within (and a tenet of) that religion; if it is, then it looks as if we need an amendment to the First Amendment that outlaws religions that are not really religious in the traditional sense, but that are ones that threaten the very existence of a country. Islam certainly fills the bill here. It appears that the good GOP chairman has become—as has Obama— just another lickspittle apologist. Any “reaching out” should have been done by the Muslims, not the other way around.

    So far, I have seen nothing except lies and completely bogus excuses from CAIR and its attendant sub-organizations. America had better wake up, or we can plan on ultimately being forced out of our churches and onto our knees at the nearest mosque.


  4. ‘Minnesota Nice’ ala islam. A ‘no more tears’ presentation of moslems are the victims. It is indeed tiresome to hear this mantra, tiresome unto resentment when public officials of all citizens do not call the moslems on their verbal diarrhea.

  5. I am not proposing that readers support any particular presidential candidate, but if it appears surprising to anyone that the #1 GOP vote-getter is totally devoid of any government experience, it is because we the citizen voters are totally frustrated with the complete disconnect between the “ruling class” at every level and the average work-a-day citizen, WHOSE TAXES PAY THE (BLOATED) SALARIES OF THESE NAIVE FOOLS AND ENDANGER US!

    Meanwhile, the “progressives” are determined to emasculate our 2d Amendment. Yeah, you can take my guns…from my cold, dead hands.

    • I second your characterization of the ‘ruling class’. We, the people have to exercise our birthright and vote. For me, I watch who the candidate chooses for advisers. That is how I can determine which is best of the least. Just look at ‘I WANNA PAY RAISE obama, who he has chosen and the mess they’ve exacerbated.

  6. Western Logic naivete believes that the elements of political Islam and religious Islam can be separated. However anyone who has investigated the Koran, Hadiths, Surrah and Sharia understand that by it’s own construct, it cannot, without becoming an apostate, punishable by death. Every practicing Muslim, even the children, understand this. here according to the Cornell School of Law is the guide.


    • Thank you for the link. I take this stuff seriously. So does my paralegal air force son. He also spent a year in afganistan as a rolo.

  7. let’s see; is there a Christan Day att he capitol; or a Jewish day at the capitol; what a pile of bullshit; what does it take for those idiots who kowtow to islam to wake up. read the muslim brotherhood project for the USA, it is alive and well in MN and others who are stupid enough to follow anything related to islam.

    • I think moslems are going thru a ‘detribalization decivilization’ process. This does not excuse this behavior. They should be ‘encouraged’ to behave as Americans.

  8. And the Government keeps backing the muzzies POS terrorists no matter what they do. Time for a NEW Government. We need to view the Government just like we view the muzzie terrorists the Government supports.

  9. I have been terrified for the last 45 days since I was diagnosed with cancer. But I am beginning to think maybe I will be the lucky one. It looks like I will not be here to see the final downfall of this once great country. Instead I will be with my Father in Heaven. I will pray for those of you who are left here to deal with all this in the final days.

    • My wife died of small cell cancer so I can sympathise. I think there are enough right thinking people who will stem the tide. May be closer than Pearl Harbor, but Americans have a way of doing remarkable things when they have to.

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