Texas: Muslim Dairy Queen owner installs signs comparing Hindus to monkeys

Hinduphobia? Hate crime? No, just Islam. The Pakistani Muslim immigrant attacks all faiths. The media, CAIR, Obama, et al will ignore this as if it didn’t even happen. via: Muslim Dairy Queen owner in Texas installed signs around his business comparing Hindus to monkeys – San Antonio Express-News h/t Dee

A Texas Dairy Queen franchise owner who has signs comparing Hindus to monkeys wrapping around his Houston-area restaurant says he is not prejudiced despite calls for an apology from the Hindu community and condemnation from Dairy Queen’s corporate office.

Instead, Mohammad Dar, a 65-year-old Muslim, says Hindus are the “racists.” There are more than approximately 1 billion people who identify as Hindu, making it the third-largest religion in the world, according to a survey published by Adherents.com.


About a year ago, Dar decided to publicize his self-taught findings — which he says he’s been “researching” for 14 years — in a series of displays at his business in order to point out the wrongs of certain religions, specifically Hinduism, he told mySA.com in a phone interview on Wednesday.

The Dairy Queen is located at 1107 Highway 146 Dairy Queen in Kemah, about 25 miles north of Galveston. Company officials called the placement of the signs in a statement to mySA.com Thursday an “unfortunate action” and said they are “not representative of our iconic family brand. We do not condone this behavior.”

Dar, a 40-year U.S. citizen from Pakistan, said he is aware of the controversy he has created, but maintains that he is not “putting any human down.”

“I’m pointing out what’s wrong with Hinduism, which is a force of racism,” he said.

Revered figures such as Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John Paul II and the Dalai Lama make cameos on his signs, labeled as “practitioners and preachers of racism by faith.” He also notes the Holy Trinity is a “crime” and “tool to deny human equality” invented by a “crook.” Another piece of his material compares the ancient religion of Hinduism to “monkyism (sic).”

“Hindus don’t follow any limit or law, they follow desires like an animal – that is the foundation of Hinduism,” Dar said in the interview. “Monkeys don’t plan anything, they just do what they desire, but humans follow the limit and law.”

The business owner said questions were what he intended to evoke.

“It’s nothing personal, it’s educational,” he added. “I’m really making people mad, but what I’m doing is communicating and inviting them to communicate […] they think I am attacking their religion, but I am not.”

“If someone is a monkey, he’s going to end up in disaster. All he’s going to do is create disaster for himself and the people around him, that’s why animals are kept in a room away from the public,” Dar said.

Dar’s fast-food business will come to an end at the end of the month, but his strides to spread his message will not, he said.

“I will take my signs, but I will not go away,” he said, defiantly. “I will go to public places and put my signs up and make brochures to let people know where they have gone wrong.”

Dar denies the signs are the reason he is closing the restaurant. He said a corporate mandate that would cost too much money is the reason.

7 thoughts on “Texas: Muslim Dairy Queen owner installs signs comparing Hindus to monkeys

  1. Is he a relative of the Pakistani Governor of South Carolina? At least the Dairy Queen bigot does not fob
    himself off as Indian, like the Governor. India gave the Muslims the land that became Pakistan. So, the Muslims usually try to say they’re Indians. They know how frightened that we are of muslims.

  2. They are pigs (and that isn’t meant to insult the four legged types) > WordPress.com > creeping posted: “Hinduphobia? Hate crime? No, just Islam. The > Pakistani Muslim immigrant attacks all faiths. The media, CAIR, Obama, > et al will ignore this as if it didn’t even happen. via: Muslim Dairy > Queen owner in Texas installed signs around his business comparing Hi” >

  3. where is cair when u need them; had the tables been reversed the whole damned islam nation would have hollered wolf; what an idiot; hope he loses his business

  4. Nothing new here.
    Arabs called Jews and Christians as apes and monkey, now they are name calling Hindus. Next Buddhists will be targeted, possibly some Rohingya or other similar parasite, will do his/her part of name calling, so all major modern faiths are covered.

  5. Hindus are mostly assholes too. But Muslims are worse. Anyway he lies when he says Hindus are racists. There are too many brown Hindus out there and mix of fair and brown. I don’t like Hindus because my parents and other Hindus disappointed me a lot. They’re anti sex outside marriage and my parents never let me date or anything so yeah they are another group of people constantly appeasing Muslims instead of worshipping me. Yeah I absolutely hate Hindus for tolerating Bollywood terrorists funded by Dawood ibrahim and even my father Surender Kumar Mago and his hawala friend Lalit Gulrajani. Hindus are dhimmis. Anti American, anti white. Brown Hindu Bastards who went after white girls in white countries should be killed. I’ve seen the, do terrible things. Thankfully I’m fair. But Muslims injured me badly and even Hindus and Sikhs let it happen. Just worthless skates who cheated me.mShut down air India and other Indian airlines. Even the Arab airlines like Emirates.

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