Video: ‘They (the men) prefer boys in Afghanistan’

The Afghan tradition of recruiting young boys for sex.

How many of these sick men – and traumatized boys – have been admitted to the U.S.?

More posts on the Bacha Bazi dancing boys here.

20 thoughts on “Video: ‘They (the men) prefer boys in Afghanistan’

  1. thought homosesxual, pedophile activities are banned; are they throwing the homos off the roof or just overlooking their deeds; results of unnatural view of a natural function for men and women; a shame islam is a perverted mess of idiocy and abuse.

  2. Muzzie men need to be interned permanently in abandoned subway tunnels and the females sent back to where they came from.

  3. Yes, I read an article by Joel Brinkley a few years ago about the Bacha Boys who lived on US posts & bases under the guise of “Bowling Boys”, paid for by us, the
    Taxpayers. When our Stand- Down military left, the Bacha Boys asked for Visas, because they had been with the Americans. Imagine, one of these animals
    showing up on your doorstep! Oh, they also said in America they would recruit our boys. Yes, Islam is a Homosexual Religion of Peace.

    • This practice really shouldn’t surprise anybody. To assume that islam and its followers are the least bit MORAL or GODLY is what ought to totally amaze us all! Mohammed and his marauding INFIDELS were the most corrupt, immoral creatures that ever walked the face of the planet. ISLAM IS EVIL TO THE CORE! The word “islam” means “submission”–which is submitting to Satan’s tyranny! A sewer doesn’t produce clear water and a bad tree doesn’t produce good fruit!!! The biggest oxymoron ever to exist on the planet is the concept of a Godly muslim!!!      

  4. Maybe they got that practice from THE ANCIENT GREEKS, because I read that the ancient Greeks were in Afghanistan and that SOME Afghans are descended from the ancient Greeks, I think I read descended from Alexanders soldiers if I recall correctly in a National Geographic magazine.

  5. I just now got finished looking at the above video and I actually like that video, I’m going to look at it again sometime soon, that music is good and the way that man laughs ( hilarious ) .

  6. I read every word of that video and if you pay attention to every word in that video THEY MAKE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR THAT IT IS NOT A ISLAMIC PRACTICE.

  7. People are commenting here on this video and have obviously either not watched the video at all or have not read every word of the video or have not been paying close attention to what they were reading.

  8. I really wish that all of those guys in that video could get the financial help that they really need without having to sell their bodies. NOBODY should have to sell their body for the money that they really need.

  9. If only CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES could be in those ISLAMIC COUNTRIES without ending up IMPRISONED, TORTURED, BEHEADED or KILLED in other ways too !

  10. Who cares how many of those sick men and traumatized boys have been admitted to the U.S.A , the U.S.A already has NAMBLA and GAY / LESBIAN MARRIAGE and LGBT CIVIL RIGHTS so this is a perfect country for them to immigrate to, atleast we don’t have to worry about any of these BACHA AFGHAN DANCING DRAG QUEEN PROSTITUTE DUDES trying to JIHAD us !

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