Feds tell Muslims in Minnesota: ‘We’re here to protect you’, day after Muslims kill Americans

Priorities. via: Minnesota officials tell Muslims: We’re here to protect you – CBS News

MINNEAPOLIS — Federal, state and local law enforcement officials in Minnesota met with more than three dozen local Muslims to let them know that authorities are here to protect them, and to urge community members to report incidents of hate crimes.

Almost three dozen innocent civilians were killed in Brussels by Muslim terrorists a day earlier. Four of the murdered were Americans. Hundreds wounded. Yet officials in the United States make it a priority to meet with Muslims and tell them they will protect them? It is beyond Orwellian.

The cowardly federal and state officials are not demanding that Muslims report any hint of potential terrorism or support for Islamic jihad to U.S. authorities, no, they are urging Muslims to report hate crimes. One percent of the U.S. population – although rapidly expanding – has absolute and complete control of federal law enforcement in the U.S.

Thursday’s meeting was held in response to this week’s deadly attacks in Brussels. Several community members told authorities that after high-profile events like that, they feel scared.

U.S. Attorney Andy Luger told the group that law enforcement’s job is to keep everyone safe, including Muslims.

Did Luger – who has a history of defending Muslims before, during and after deadly Muslim attacks on Americans – meet with any non-Muslim groups? Christians, Jews? Hindus? No – just Muslims.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Rick Thornton said the community needs to know that Minnesota authorities will aggressively deal with acts of violence targeting Muslims.

Is Thornton investigating the mosques? The Muslim hate preachers? The Muslims in Minnesota who recruit and fund jihadists? The illegal aliens? The Somali Muslim gangs? Like Keith Ellison – nothing is being done.

Gov. Mark Dayton spoke at Muslim Day at the Capitol on Wednesday and ordered flags to be flown at half-staff until Saturday, according to CBS Minnesota.

He was joined by the chairman of Minnesotan’s Republican Party, Keith Downey, who denounced comments by Donald Trump and other presidential candidates who want a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Downey told CBS Minnesota that violates religious freedom.

Downey is a coward and apparently doesn’t understand the law of this land that doesn’t provide protections for foreigner invaders. Banning people from any nation – terrorist or not – does not violate anything. Muslims living in Muslim nations have all the freedom of religion they want under the sharia…don’t they? Well, except that leaving Islam thing that could result in the death penalty. Conversely, Mr. Downey, allowing potential terrorists to enter the U.S. violates your oath of office to protect Americans from threats both foreign and domestic.

“It’s important for our presidential candidates to explain their approach. But no proposal should violate religious freedoms,” Downey said. “It is important to oppose Donald Trump’s — or any other proposals- to combat terrorism in a way that would threaten freedom of religion, including banning Muslims outright from entering our country, or tracking Muslims and shutting down mosques without cause.”

Downey also called on Minnesota Muslims to engage in more public conversations about terrorism and the role of Islam in America.

A federally funded effort in Boston, Los Angeles and Minneapolis to combat extremist recruitment has been slow to start since it was announced a year and a half ago.

Few local programs have been directly created by the “Countering Violent Extremism” pilot initiative, with officials in those cities just starting to distribute more than $500,000 in Department of Justice grant money to jumpstart new local efforts.

As we noted here, the incompetence is actually traitorous, U.S. officials are flooding the U.S. with Muslims from terrorist nations and then plundering American taxpayers to fund anti-jihad recruitment programs that fund Muslim groups who use the money to promote Islam.

“It’s a little frustrating,” said Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief Michael Downing, whose department had been looking forward to federal support to enhance longstanding efforts that include outreach to help prevent radicalization. “We haven’t seen a dime. We’re clearly at the point where we want to put our money where our mouth is.”

Downing works closely with Muslim Brotherhood groups and mosques in the U.S. Surely he wants his cash.

“It’s been disappointingly slow, but we have to give it a chance before it’s too late,” he said.

Too late for what? Before the U.S. is overrun with Muslim terrorists? Before another deadly Muslim terror attack? What does Downing mean by too late?

But observers say it has been underfunded and hobbled by a vague mission that has sown confusion and fueled strong opposition from civil rights and community groups that fear the programs will amount to government spying on law-abiding Muslims.

Terrorist-named CAIR is not a civil rights group. They are a Muslim Brotherhood front group – according to a federal judge. CAIR has been banned by the FBI yet forced the FBI to remove any mention of Islam or jihad in the CVE efforts so millions of taxpayer dollars will be a complete waste and only line the pockets of Muslim groups like CAIR who organize front groups to take the money.

Idle chit chat about patrolling Muslim enclaves  plan to patrol Muslim enclaves makes no sense. We need to prevent neighborhoods from becoming Muslim enclaves by banning immigration and returning Muslim refugees to their home countries.

Else, in 25 to 50 years the U.S. will devolve rapidly with cities dominated by Muslims and resemble the third world hellholes – and cities across Europe – we read about daily.

8 thoughts on “Feds tell Muslims in Minnesota: ‘We’re here to protect you’, day after Muslims kill Americans

  1. People need to identify traitors to the Republic. The invading military horde is being imported by the New World Order whores, the Obama Administration, the largely traitorous Congress and its Federal system “law enforcement” step ‘n fetch scum. Patriots need to take names, identify home addresses and share the information about all traitors among Patriot groups.

  2. I think it’s time to tell all Christians everywhere that they need to have the men among them armed and serving as guards wherever they gather – even Church.

    These men should search everyone who wants to enter the meeting/congregation, to be sure no bombs/weapons are being brought in.

    I don’t have the ability to reach as many people as you do.

    Please send the suggestion to everyone you can.


  3. The inmates are running the asylum and American taxpayers are funding it. Time for all to be armed and dangerous. This is beyond the scope of reason. I refuse to pay any taxes other than those taken out of my check and if it keeps up, I’ll stop that also.We are on our own and must do whatever it takes to provide for our own safety.

  4. I heard the news broadcast. I remember the words being something like;’We’re here to protect moslems AND everyone’. This is even worse in my opinion because he has to be moslems to report activity clearly approved and sanctioned by the koran and biographies of mohammad. Why dos this guy have to ask for help in the first place?
    I would like to think his statement was with a wink to Americans, not COLONISTS, indicating this is what he has been told to say to keep his job.

      • I cannot help but think an experienced public servant as this would not be aware of the cameras and news people, especially in light of the other paux pas in Minneapolis recently. Read what you will.

  5. I’m a former Muslim and I’m with you — these people in your federal government are cowards. They’re just playing Obama’s game.

    I don’t have a solution for the world — for myself, I’ve left Islam and live on, doing whatever good I can every day.

    For you as a nation, I think you’re lost. I’m not from the USA but I’m sad to see how low they’ve gone.

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