17 Muslims Detained, Released After Chanting Allah Akbar, Firing Rifles, Shotguns Near San Bernardino

Source: FBI Investigating Reports Of 17 Men Chanting, Firing Off Shots In Apple Valley « CBS Los Angeles

APPLE VALLEY (CBSLA.com) — The FBI on Tuesday continued to investigate an incident in which 17 men were detained for reportedly firing off hundreds of rounds in a remote part of Apple Valley.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies and an FBI agent responded to the scene Sunday morning and detained the men – reportedly all of Middle Eastern descent – who were camping out in the Deep Creek Hot Springs area Sunday morning, authorities said.

A 911 caller reported hearing over 100 shots fired and seeing five to seven men wearing turbans and shooting “assault rifles, handguns, and shotguns,” according to a Sheriff’s Department statement.

A county sheriff’s helicopter located the men walking near a creek with backpacks “and other items”, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Officials say the men were cooperative as they were detained and searched.

Several handguns, a rifle, and a shotgun were found at the scene, but a records check found all the weapons were registered with the exception of the rifle, which reportedly didn’t have a serial number because it was purchased in parts, an FBI spokesperson told The Times.

Police scanner traffic posted online by the Victor Valley News Group described “a large group of subjects wearing turbans and chanting” at the scene.

“They were up all night chanting ‘Allah akbar’-type stuff,” an unidentified officer is heard saying on the audio recording.

None of the hikers interviewed by Sheriff’s investigators say they witnessed any shots being fired, according to Sheriff’s officials.

A photo of the arrests showing several men handcuffed at the scene was posted by the Victor Valley News Group but was not immediately confirmed by authorities.

All 17 men were eventually released because Sheriff’s investigators say they had no outstanding warrants or criminal histories.

“There was no evidence found that a crime had been committed by any of the subjects who were detained and they were released,” a Sheriff’s spokesperson said.

The FBI will conduct further interviews with the men to determine if any crimes were committed.

Nearby residents said they were concerned by the activity.

“If there’s something going on wouldn’t you want your local police or law enforcement to take care of it so that citizens like you or myself don’t have to ate it into their own hands?” said a resident, Eliseo Rodriguez.

Update: Details about this incident are scant and it looks like the police/feds/media are not being forthcoming. From one of the original reports that includes victims/witness statements:  SHOTS FIRED AT CAMPERS/HIKERS IN APPLE VALLEY – HOT SPRINGS, CA; ARMED TERROR CELL NEAR LOS ANGELES? COPS RESPONDED — THEN LET THEM ALL GO !!!!

8:28 PM EDT Sunday, 27 March (Easter)– A heavily armed group of men with Middle Eastern appearance was arrested two hours ago outside Los Angeles after opening fire upon Hikers and Campers in a large State Park in the area.

A call to the Adelanto, CA Police Department went to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and a new “twist” developed.”  Kathy, from that department told SuperStation95  “I checked on this and the incident was unfounded.”  When told we had photos of almost ten police cars and fourteen men in handcuffs, Kathy responded “You’ll have to contact the Public Information Officer” and gave us an e-mail address to do so!

You’re looking at the pictures; does this look “unfounded” to you?

An MMS Chat log has also been made available by the victim/witness to this crime. That log, edited by the victim, appears below:

6 thoughts on “17 Muslims Detained, Released After Chanting Allah Akbar, Firing Rifles, Shotguns Near San Bernardino

    • I would have suggested half-way to Russia….in the Bering Sea…..in the dead of Winter. I understand that the crabs are quite active at that time.

  1. Had the 17 men been sober NRA members who had been doing nothing other than peacefully sighting-in their rifles, they would have been thrown in jail and charged at the very least with “disturbing the peace.” The Muslim-in-Chief would have been delighted. I can see him in my mind’s eye: doing an Irish jig on his oval office desk, while on the phone to the ATF and DOJ to check the legality of confiscating the firearms of yet more law-abiding citizens.

  2. I think that wearing rags on their heads, firing rounds while chanting what has come to be associated with unfriendly,if not, terrorist activi-
    ties would have been more than enough to arrest these roaches. Appar-
    ently, they have learned nothing from the San Bernadino tragedy and will stand with their thumbs up their a$$es when the next one occurs. You don’t halt the progression of cancer by just checking and islam is a cancer. It’s a complete and total joke everytime I hear that so and so was on a watch list and somehow managed to elude the trolls watch-
    ing them. Wtf? Put your balls back on and defend this country. Who cares if they’re offended? It’s pretty offensive to hear this about this unAmerican crap going on while law enforcement looks the other way. I dont care about their feelings because they sure as hell don’t care about us or our nation.

  3. It’s the Hammonds and the Bundys who should be released – not these criminals! Just goes to show you how perverted liberal “leadership” is.

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