Arizona: At Least 20 Muslims Attacked at Mosque…by Swarm of Bees

Source: At Least 20 Stung by Swarm of Bees at Arizona Mosque – ABC News

A huge swarm of bees surrounded people at the Muslim Community Mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, in a terrifying moment caught on video.

At least 20 people were stung Friday, Phoenix Fire Department spokeswoman Ardell Deliz told ABC News.

One person — a 24-year-old man — was transported to the hospital in stable condition, Deliz said.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and sprayed the area with a foam that calms the insects, but Deliz said it took at least a few hours until a bee keeper could come remove them.

The Muslim Community Mosque did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

We’re waiting for Obama and Hamas-CAIR’s vow to fight against bumble bees wherever they attack. Or at least blame the well-trained killer bees on the Jews.

8 thoughts on “Arizona: At Least 20 Muslims Attacked at Mosque…by Swarm of Bees

  1. Hey ‘Bill’. Maybe these are actually AFRICAN killer bees! Haha! Lord knows the Africans deserve the vengeance of GOD for all the genocide that muzzlumz have done to them!!!!! GO KILLER BEES!!!!!          

  2. Actual, its stealth or versive jihad. See we need bee’s for our crops but the jihadists diverted them from fertilizing needed plants, and the attacque on the mosk was a diversion. But the bee’s didn’t take the pledge so they wont be killed when they leave. (WE no whats gong on!!!…)

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