Ex-Uruguayan President blasts behavior of Gitmo jihadis he imported

As Obama is planting the seeds of jihad around the world, Former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica blasts the behavior of six ex-Guantanamo Bay detainees

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — Uruguay’s former president says the conduct of six former Guantanamo Bay detainees resettled in the South American nation has been “abysmal” and has hurt efforts to resettle others.

Former President Jose Mujica, who oversaw the resettlement in late 2014, made the comments Tuesday to La Republica newspaper.

Mujica, now a senator, says the men’s behavior discouraged other Latin American countries that were considering taking in former detainees. He didn’t provide details. [Mujica said of their behavior:] “Who did the men hurt? Other Guantanamo prisoners.”

The six men, four from Syria, one Tunisian and one Palestinian, arrived with great fanfare. But they have frequently complained about not getting enough state help while refusing to work. Two of the men married local women only to quickly separate amid domestic abuse allegations.

3 thoughts on “Ex-Uruguayan President blasts behavior of Gitmo jihadis he imported

  1. Just take a good look at these arrogant filthy swine! They are Obama’s best buds! I’m surprised he didn’t invite them to the WH! Hey jeez, it’s not to late! Ya know, he’s still got another 8 mo’s!!! As for Jose Mujica–What did you expect to get when you let these scum into your country? ….St. Paul and the disciples????        

  2. Eventually, everyone of BO’s Muslim sons will wind up
    In the USA. There is nothing to stop them from coming
    Here, BO says NO IDENTIFICATION is needed. Remember, BO also said that being an American was a state of mind, NO birth certificates are needed by NEW AMERICANS. Our replacements include Terrorists from Club Gitmo, also.

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