Massachusetts: Terror-linked Muslim group’s director is Cambridge city councilor

And he is trying to stop anti-jihad recruitment efforts. Creeping along in Massachusettstan.


via: Massachusetts Islamism

A number of Massachusetts Muslim groups, led by Cambridge city councilor Nadeem Mazen, are currently spearheading a campaign against the Obama administration’s program, Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), which has designated Boston as one of its pilot cities.

From the government’s perspective, Boston was an obvious choice. The city has a long, unfortunate history of producing internationally-recognized terrorists, including the Tsarnaev brothers, who bombed the Boston marathon; Aafia Siddiqui, whom FBI Director Robert S. Mueller describes as “an al-Qaeda operative and facilitator;” Abdulrahman Alamoudi, the founder of the Islamic Society of Boston, and named by the federal government as an Al Qaeda fundraiser, and Ahmad Abousamra, a key official within Islamic State, whose father is vice-president of the Muslim American Society’s Boston branch.

During the past decade, in fact, twelve congregants, supporters, officials and donors of the Islamic Society of Boston alone have been imprisoned, deported, killed or are on the run in connection with terrorism offenses.

Despite these alumnae, a number of extremist Islamic organizations, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), have claimed that the government’s attempt to combat radicalization “targets American Muslims” and “undermines our national ideals.”

Cambridge city councilor Nadeem Mazen, who is also a director of CAIR’s Massachusetts branch, has spoken at a number of anti-CVE rallies, condemning the government’s approach as “authoritarian” because it included “violent practices like surveillance and racial profiling.”

Let’s stop right there. The unindicted co-conspirator CAIR, banned by the FBI, named a Muslim terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates has a member on the city council.

Think about that. Then watch the video below if you haven’t already.

7 thoughts on “Massachusetts: Terror-linked Muslim group’s director is Cambridge city councilor

  1. Once the Muslims are able to place a fellow Muslim on the City Council or on the Human Rights Commission, your city or town is Muslim, but most Americans are in denial. Boston has always been “Terror Friendly”,but
    Lately, Bostonians have become “Muslim Huggers”. Please watch out for Muslims on the Human Rights Commission, because there has been trouble in Both
    JAX & Daytona Beach, FL. No one dares to speak out against these little tyrants, because they have friends in high places in each city or town.

    • @ Berengaria. Yes! And the way they inevitably make inroads of “mutual understanding” is by organizing “Inter-faith” seminars and such, down at the local City Hall or high school auditorium. It’s all about establishing a foothold! They are masters of deception and they know just which Councilmen are the most likely to comply with their diabolical schemes of stealth jihad! It all begins soooo nice! “Why, MUZZLUMZ are just like everybody else”; “Just brothers of a different persuasion”; “Just devoutly religious folk, ya know!” And anybody who even dares to think otherwise is nothing but a BIGOTTED ‘islamophobe’! YEAH, RIGHT!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!! Well then, JUST CALL ME A BIGOT…..              

      • moslems ARE devoutly religious. Their problem is they BELIEVE they only have the right to live free. More than that, they BELIEVE all non-moslems own is theirs. So, how dare non-moslems refuse them?

        • @David Rasch. Ok, yes…. Of course I know that ‘moslems’ are INDEED “devoutly religious” and that they justify all of their aberrations and crimes against humanity by quoting the words of their FALSE prophet, mo, as found in the UNHOLY koran!!! Yeah, I get that…. But don’t miss the point I was trying to make–that being, that because “religion”, per se, is by and large viewed by the general public as a PEACEFUL medium (which is exactly how these town-councilmen see things), they give the MUZZLUMZ a pass!!!! My point is that Americans (and Westerners in general) JUST DON’T GET IT!  ISLAM, AS A RELIGION, AND AS A POLITICAL FORCE, IS EVIL THROUGH AND THROUGH AND SHOULD NEVER BE GIVEN A PASS!!! NOT EVER!!!!! The islamic god, allah, is NOT God at all, but rather a demonic false god–that’s my point, but just try for all you’re worth to get that point through the thick skulls of our American politicians and legislators!!!            

          • You are right. I also think the COLONIZATION of the United States is economic. By that I mean political leaders need financial support not only for their family but or their careers. Moreover, moslems being taught they are the best people and non-moslems culture and wealth can be plundered with impunity, drives moslems to interpret law to their advantage. This is a big area to discuss. Maybe boycotting moslem owned businesses would help.
            Wishing you the best.

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