Man Who Shouted ‘Jihad’ While Rushing Cockpit Sentenced to 9 Months

Why are incidents of Islamic terrorism so often mentioned with mental illness? And if the correlation is so high, why are Muslims being imported to towns and cities across the United States in mass numbers? Source: Man Who Shouted ‘Jihad’ on Flight Senenced to 9 Months – ABC News

A New York man who forced a United Airlines flight to return to northern Virginia’s Dulles Airport after shouting the word “jihad” and rushing the cockpit has been sentenced to nine months in prison.

Thirty-six-year-old David Patrick Diaz of Poughkeepsie, New York, pleaded guilty earlier this year to interfering with a flight crew.

On a March 2015 flight from Dulles to Denver, Colorado, he was tackled by a group of passengers after shouting “jihad” and saying there was something in the belly of the plane.

His lawyer said Diaz has problems with mental illness and alcohol.

Prosecutors sought a sentence of 21 months, but a judge at federal court in Alexandria imposed a nine-month sentence at Tuesday’s sentencing hearing.

Diaz also was ordered to pay $22,000 in restitution to United.

In 2015, we posted video of the attack, via United Airlines passenger rushes cockpit screaming “jihad jihad”

3 thoughts on “Man Who Shouted ‘Jihad’ While Rushing Cockpit Sentenced to 9 Months

  1. 9 months for a Federal Crime of attempted mass murder – Must be that Obama endorsed Muslim privilege. I hope they beat him mercilessly in prison.

  2. The enemy knows that Americans will always accept mental illness as a cover story, and the white house will back them up. Usually they are careful to visit a doctor and get a note before going on a mission so they can prove it. Other times they get drunk or stoned before they deliberately murder or accidentally drive over the curb or the wrong way. People only recognize terrorism when it is in Israel and even over there parent will blame mental illness. Homeland Security’s job is to cover up, not identify terrorist attacks.

  3. DAVID PATRICK DIAZ ? With a name like that he is NOT a muslim. I think when you convert to Islam you absolutely HAVE TO TAKE A MUSLIM NAME right away after your conversion.

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