Muslims will outnumber Jews in U.S. in 20 years

Source: U.S. Muslims to overtake Jews by 2026 (bad math by the author – 2026 is ten years away not “20 years or so.”)

The torrid pace of Muslim migration into the United States should be sending off alarm bells in the nation’s Jewish community, but so far it has barely registered as the sound of a pin dropping.

The U.S. issued approximately 680,000 green cards to migrants from 49 Muslim-majority nations, as identified by Pew Research Center, in the five-year period from fiscal years 2009-2013, a figure that should be a red flag to American Jews.

There are only 5.5 million Jews living in America. The Muslim demographic is estimated at about 3 million but is growing much faster due to immigration and the high fertility rates of Muslim women.

By comparison over the same five-year period under President Obama, the U.S. issued only about 270,000 green cards to Europeans. A green card is highly coveted because it allows the holder to access welfare benefits, lifetime residency, work authorization and a fast track to U.S. citizenship.

Among those receiving green cards are foreign nationals admitted to the U.S. as refugees, who must apply for adjustment to green-card status within one year of their arrival in the U.S. Refugees have immediate access to state and federal welfare benefits, such as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families or TANF, food stamps and Medicaid.

“Assuming no change in immigration policies, the U.S. can expect to grant green cards to at least another 680,000 migrants from Muslim-majority nations over the next five years,” said a statement issued Thursday by Sen. Jeff Sessions’ office. “The numbers, however, could be higher still: Census Bureau data shows migration from the Middle East to be one of the fastest-growing categories.”

Nobody is watching, but the ramifications could be huge, says Laurie Cardoza Moore, president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations at, a pro-Israel Christian organization.

To get a glimpse of their future, Jewish Americans only need to look across the Atlantic at Europe, where Muslim immigration has led to almost daily attacks on synagogues, Jewish cemeteries, schools and other Jewish properties, not to mention the attacks on Jewish people such as at the massacre at the kosher store in Paris on the day of the Charlie Hebdo attacks last year.

“If we look at what’s happening in Europe, I think that’s a good barometer of what we can expect to happen here in the U.S.,” Moore said. “My concern about this whole Islamic migration into Europe and into the U.S. is that we did a tremendous disservice to these Muslims. If the real goal is the well-being of women and children, then why did the West take these migrants who are Muslim – their culture is completely different than Western culture – and why didn’t the leaders of the free world go to the leaders of the Muslim world and say, ‘Listen, your people are in trouble. Why don’t you open up your doors and let them in?’”

An immigration policy gone awry

President Obama’s refugee plan boosts the annual number of Mideast migrants admitted to the U.S. They, in turn, will be able to petition for their relatives to join them to the U.S. under the federal government’s “family reunification” program.

But there is another trend line developing – one that could prove ominous to Jewish Americans first, and ultimately Christians, too.

If the current federal policy continues, it will lead to the U.S. Muslim population overtaking that of the U.S. Jewish population within two decades, said a demographic researcher at the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington.

“It will probably be 20 years or so,” said Steven Camarota, director of research for CIS.

Of course, for many years now the rarely honest Hamas-CAIR has been claiming there are 6-8 million Muslims in the U.S. At the current rate of refugees, illegals, terrorist-imports and jailhouse converts, the 2026 number seems more accurate.

Regardless, expect more incidents like the one earlier this week in Brooklyn: “Allah Akbar” Screaming, Knife-Wielding Muslim Arrested in Attack on Jew in Crown Heights.


4 thoughts on “Muslims will outnumber Jews in U.S. in 20 years

  1. In Florida, whereI l live, Muslims & Jewish People stand together against Christians. It’s the strangest
    relationship, that I know. On 9/11, Liberal Rabbis
    were actually in sympathy with the “poor” Muslims
    in Florida. Most Liberal, democrat Jews & Muslims
    All vote “D” for Democrat, & both groups love BO as
    Ruler of US. I won’t call them a fifth column, but it is
    a weird Phenomenum.

  2. In America there are no religious minorities. AmendmentI. Congress shall make no LAW respecting an establishment of religion, It would be a excellent idea if or when the government, Would have all persons who apply for a license or ID card. Would have to take a US constitution class at a college before and show a passing grade. They could get to apply for a license or ID card…These way no excuses in knowing the US constitution…

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