Are there Muslim no-go zones in Minnesota-stan?

Bare Naked Islam had a post recently titled, “Are you living near a Muslim NO-GO Zone in America? Not yet? Give it a little time.”

In it was a tweet from Minnesota’s congressman who represents Muslims, Keith Hakim X Ellison, below.

ellison-no-go-zone-minnSince Ellison has blocked Creeping Sharia from reading his anti-America, pro-sharia tweets, we are left with a screen shot above. Reader’s don’t have to go all the way to Minnesota to witness the burgeoning no-go zones in Ellison’s Islamic enclaves because we have videos.

Here’s a little no-go zone like action with Somali Muslim kids in Minnesota assault gay guy:

What about the Somali Muslim gangs who videotaped attacks on infidels in Minnesota:

Somali Muslims Also Attack Joggers.

Warring Muslims from the Fatah and Hamas militant groups also chased Congressman Ellison out of a Minnesota State Capitol rally.

Sure, go see for yourself if there are Muslim no-go zones in Minnesota. Visit a mosque too – where dozens of Muslims from Ellison’s enclaves have been reared and sent off to wage jihad. Nothing to see here.



6 thoughts on “Are there Muslim no-go zones in Minnesota-stan?

  1. Ellison and his whole group of animals need to be neutralized by whatever means may be available to make the whole world a better place in all ways. I understand that there is a shortage of landfill material there.

  2. I don’t support gang violence whatsoever. However, this is one instance I wish they would come up on some real American gangstas. Then, we would see how fun it would be just to push a kid over on a bike or steal an old man’s toboggan.

  3. A wordsmith can make black white. People talk. Neighbors talk. Co-workers talk. Ellison, the ‘crying congressman’ has far different views on this subject.

  4. Ellison is in it for the money. He doesn’t give one rats-a$$ about this state. Term limits need to be put in place. He is one of the most racist bastards I’ve ever heard speak.

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