Florida: St. Augustine Beach billboard exposes reality of Islam

What’s controversial about it? 1,400 years of history are quite clear. Source: St. Augustine Beach billboard’s anti-Islam message prompts online petition | StAugustine.com

A controversial billboard posted along State Road A1A on Anastasia Island has led to the creation of a petition aimed at its removal that’s attracted support from all over the world.

But the billboard’s message — “Islam Bloody Islam, doomed by its doctrine” — is especially disturbing to some members of the St. Augustine community who think the sign misrepresents the city as a whole.

Becky Williams, 31, created the petition Saturday on Care2’s petition website after noticing the billboard on her drive home from work the night before.

“Many of us feel like someone has taken the voice of our entire community and blasted it on a billboard in a way that has nothing to do with our own beliefs or feelings,” Williams said.

Since when did a billboard of any kind represent the entire community? Do Planned Parenthood billboards mean the entire community supports abortion? Did this billboard represent the entire community? Billboards claim “Jesus is Muslim” and “Mohammed is in the Bible”

Williams said the petition is meant to rally support for the Muslim community.

Now we get to Williams real goal. Does she support the wife-beating Muslims in the community? The jihad-waging Muslims in the community? Those who want sharia to replace the Constitution? Even if there is just one, like one billboard, would that represent the entire community? (Even if it is permitted by sharia law?)

“We didn’t want all of this to get lost in a debate over freedom of speech,” Williams said. “Whether or not the billboard gets removed, there’s at least been a feeling of support and community and showing that love and tolerance has a more powerful voice.”

There is no free speech in Islam, and they are waging a war on it here too.

The billboard is owned by St. John’s Outdoor Advertising, but it’s unclear who paid to have the message posted and owner Robert Harry Jr. did not respond to interview requests.

The company’s phone number was out of service on Monday and no one answered the door at the business during repeated trips to its Riverview Drive address.

The petition has already gathered thousands of signatures of support from those in the U.S. and beyond. New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Spain are just some of the many countries represented among those rallying for the billboard’s removal.

“I knew there would be support, but I had no idea it would grow to this level,” Williams said.

People like Williams would rather side with foreigners and those who will kill Americans in an instant. Dhimmitude.

Ayman El-Sawa, 50, a member of the Islamic Center in St. Augustine, said the threat isn’t just against Muslims, it’s against all communities.

“Because we don’t want someone tomorrow to put up a sign against Christianity or Judism or white or black,” El-Sawa said. “We don’t want this to happen not only to Islam, but to anyone. We don’t want this to happen to our country.”

The Islamic Center has tentative plans to meet next weekend with other local churches and groups to organize peace and unity rallies.

El-Sawa said they also hope to meet with local government and St. Augustine Beach Mayor Rich O’Brien to discuss the billboard.

“I believe as an activist, we should work with our local government,” El-Sawa said. “I believe every great thing that has happened in this great country happened because people came together and worked with the government.”

A Muslim activist who will quietly work to submit the local government to sharia.

O’Brien did not return calls to confirm whether a meeting will take place.

9 thoughts on “Florida: St. Augustine Beach billboard exposes reality of Islam

  1. Whether it be citizens from New Zealand, Turkey or any other country that signed the petition against the billboard, it is only America’s concern, not theirs. If those citizens of other foreign countries want to support the Devil’s religion, they are free to do so. However, foreigners have proved their silly stupid tolerance for a religion that supports murder, rape, theft and so many sick offenses has led to mass suicide of those countries. I demand that the foreigners keep their freaking noses out of our business. The billboard must remain standing.

  2. Drove through St. Augustine a couple years ago… passed by a Masjid…. thought “here too?” But alas, it’s everywhere.

  3. There’s just one pertinent question that comes to mind–that being, why wasn’t the phrase, “1,400 years of history are quite clear”, included on the billboard? I find it so ironic that MUZZLUMZ never, ever get the “bloody mess” THROWN UP IN THEIR FACES that their death-cult has fostered down through history. The billboard is SO RIGHT–“ISLAM, BLOODY ISLAM”, but the islamists always defend themselves and deny the reality of their legacy of violence and blood! If anything needs to be emphasized and publicized INCESSANTLY throughout the Western world, I would say that it’s the horrific legacy fostered by islam (and mohammed) from the very outset of this death-cult! MUZZLUMZ have absolutely no right to continually LIE to the Western world about their legacy of HORROR! If I could I would shout it from loudspeakers in front of every mosque worldwide, “ISLAM KILLS INNOCENT PEOPLE NOW–AND IT ALWAYS HAS FROM ITS VERY OUTSET”!!!!!            

    • Amen Brother…Islame’s doctrain is that they would like to cut Becky Williams” head off. Read mohammed’s book Becky!!!

    • This is a personal msg to Ms. Becky Williams, who has stirred up a hornets’ nest of hatred in St. Augustine, FL. Becky, you are the PERFECT USEFUL IDIOT for these 7th century, pedophile-worshipping muzzlum cretins! Your name speaks loud and clear that you are doubtless an American-born Christian–unless you have mindlessly converted to the “religion of death and blood”! GET A GRIP, BECKY! ISLAM IS EVIL!!! It began as a confused young Arab sought to make a name for himself and set himself up as a SELF-PROCLAIMED prophet! There is NO TRUTH in islam! Mohammed plagiarized and distorted great portions of the Bible when he wrote his BOOK OF LIES–the UNHOLY koran!!!! GET A GRIP!!!! YOU’RE THE FIRST KUFFAR THE MUZZIES WILL COME AFTER WHEN THEY “CONQUER” St. Aug!!!!!

  4. (1) A problem. The board reaches only the already-believing “choir.” Needed to reach others would be examples, evidence, good reasoning, etc. Possible in other venues and genres I hope.
    (2) Relevant here is the issue of FREE SPEECH. In liberal colleges etc. it’s become dangerously-threatened (no room for details here plus is OT). But Europe now laments their lack of a First Amendment. Dutch politician-activist simply said earlier maybe fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands would be better, and as we speak, he is standing trial which could result in jail time….. Let NOBODY slam the sign as “hate speech”–dangerous term–then anyone can complain. (BTW, is Islam, blasphemy or slander is defined as some statement etc. “which the subject-of would not like.” Whether false–OR EVEN TRUE.
    (3) End of my current speech currently free. TTFN.

    • @Infovoyeur. I would say that I respectfully disagree… This billboard infuriates the muzzies! The worst thing that can happen (in their opinion) is for someone to ACTUALLY EXPOSE THEM! Their whole claim to fame, i.e., chokehold upon the Western world, is to conceal, hide, cover-up their bloody legacy of horror! I, for one, will give no pass WHATSOEVER to MUZZLUMZ who actively practice their ABOMINABLE SATANIC DOCTRINES OF DEVILS!!!!! Yeah, I said that!!!!! DOCTRINES OF DEVILS!!!!! Let’s hope this comment of mine attracts some hopelessly deceived MUZZLUM…. I HAPPEN TO KNOW THEY MONITOR THIS WEBSITE QUITE FAITHFULLY–OH YEAH, THEY DO!!!!!

  5. Islam will smite you down if you speaketh the truth about islam. Do not worship false gods. Do not worship Obama, he would like to be a false god. Please let the days go by faster. Is Obama playing golf today? Is there any country left in this world that still respects the United States Of America?

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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